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If you’re new to Greenleaf, it is a new TV series on Oprah’s OWN Network. The series comes from writer-producer Craig Wright, and is produced by by Lionsgate in association with Harpo Films and Pine City. The series stars Merle Dandridge, Lynn Whitfield and Keith David and revolves around the twists and turns of the Greenleaf family and their sprawling Memphis megachurch. It has become a fan favorite for it’s relatability, transparency, and boldness to touch on real topics that effect everyday people both in and outside of the church.

This new TV series is real and relevant. The writers are never afraid to take the story down a path that brings hard truths to light. This is seen through the story lines of each character featured on the show, including Deborah Joy Winans’ role as Charity who is the Pastor’s daughter and a worship leader in the church. Her character’s story line has made waves touching on necessary topics such as mental health, addiction, divorce and more. Her role shows the complex nature that would be seen in any person when given a lens that shows a close up view of their life on and off of the stage. These are the type of stories that draw fans back in to watching week to week.

Deborah is a singer/songwriter first. So, acting wasn’t exactly on her agenda. She is apart of the iconic Winans family where just about every family member is musically inclined in some way. But, Debrah has been winning with her choice to go a new route through acting. She had her doubts; as prior to Greenleaf, she had only held one role as “Aunt CeCe” in a Lifetime Whitney Houston biopic. But, Oprah Winfrey saw her potential after seeing her in a stage musical. Oprah submitted her for the Greenleaf series shortly after.

“… everyone else was saying, “She doesn’t have a name! We need somebody else!” But Ms. Winfrey stuck with me. When I went to my audition she said, “I believe they will see what I see.” [Laughs] And they did! Still, the experience was totally surreal. I was like, “Really, God, is this some kind of joke?” – Debrah Joy Winans

Deborah Speaks On Choosing Acting Over Singing:

Despite Deborah’s initial doubts, choosing to act in this season of her life has been game changer as the series has gone on to bring in millions of viewers and was recently renewed for a fourth season! The relatability of her character “Charity” along with the others on this show are keeping fans hooked and coming back week by week just to see where the story line goes. Tune in every Wednesday at 10pm ET/PT on the OWN Network or catch up on previous seasons on Netflix.

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