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Dee 1 just released his newest album, “Sligshot David”! This album just might be his most transparent yet… He released the following statement on instagram:

“This is my life story told thru my music!!! An IG caption can’t capture my passion behind the emotions i feel right now. Once you press play, the rest is history.”

In a time when an album packed with dope singles is what most of us are used to hearing, Dee is taking the less traveled route of telling a story throughout the full album.  Song by song, he connects the dots from one season of his life to the next.  While each single is dope to hear alone, it’s clear that this album was made for the listener to hear all the way through.  It’s simply the best way to catch the essence of his story.

Scroll down to stream the full album to see what we mean.  Comment below to let us know your thoughts!

“It’s a big deal when you have a dream, ambition, and real obstacles and goliaths in your life… and you use your slingshot to defeat them”

Stream The Album:


Coming Tour Dates:

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