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This is a special music video for Dee-1.

As the third single from Slingshot David: The Album, “I Don’t Wanna Let You Down” shows the life of  a young New Orleans boy. Dee-1 met the young man alongside three others on Bourbon Street in New Orleans previously.

In a recent Instagram post, Dee-1 shared the following.

“My heart is tied into this one… I realized what they’re doing at such a young age to keep the lights on, to keep food on the table in a real way in their families…The heart of this song is about what you’re willing to go through, what you’re willing to sacrifice as a person when there’s somebody you love, who you don’t wanna let down so I think that the best way to tell that story in a music video is to tell their story.”

See it for yourself below!

Watch “I Don’t Wanna Let You Down” Here





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