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Humble Beast Records is back with the Canvas Conference! T his conference is for creatives, believers, and everyone passionate about the intersection of where theology and creativity meet and building bridges between the two.  Being one of our favorite conferences, we’ve been following them from the start!  The conference takes place annually in Portland, Oregon and is put together by the Humble Beast team.  The conference takes place this year August 11-12th.  Learn more about the purpose behind this conference along with more event details below:

“We want those attending the Canvas Conference to walk away better artist-theologians and better theologian-artists.  Through our time together, we want to grow deeper in our relationship with the Lord and to understand our place in his kingdom with greater clarity.  We want to show how each of us can reveal God’s image and how he transforms us into the perfect image of his Son, Jesus Christ.  We want every act of our creativity—from writing to painting, from music to parenting—to be enhanced by the reality of the gospel, the hope it affords, and the future it offers.  In short, we want to be worship.  We want to worship with you.  And we want to worship God in a way that changes everything about us and everything we create.” – Humble Beast


Who’s welcome?

Hip Hop Heads. Hipsters. Yuckies. Yippies. Athletes. Coffee Drinkers.  Non-Coffee Drinkers (kind of). The kid sitting alone in the High School lunchroom.  Star Wars fans.  Star Trek fans. People on Facebook.  People on Twitter. Anyone who has used the internet and/or watched TV. Food Truck Owners. Acapella Groups. Librarians. Parents. Sons. Daughters. Artists. Theologians. Creatives. Christians. Disciples. You.

This conference is for everyone!




Location:  Portland Oregon  (Other details emailed after purchase)

Date: August 11, 12

Time:  (Details emailed after purchase)


  • General Registration – $130.00
  • General Registration + Rooftop Mixer – $124 (Must be 21 yrs old and up)

The conference kicks off with a Meet and Greet, Creative Mixer on the rooftop of Revolution Hall Thursday Night August 10th. Music, Meetup and Mixer.




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