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Stepping outside of the box of poetry, which she has become the most known for, Jamaica West has returned to her music roots! Covering topics centered on life, love, learning, social justice and more, her new EP “Bury Cinderella” takes a unique approach in both the production and the message that speak volumes.  Similar to her poetry, Jamaica boldly chooses to share her personal stories of growth that took place in some of her darkest times.

“It’s perfectly fine that there are projects out there that are like, This is what you need to do. But, we also need projects that say it’s okay to be in process. …That’s okay.” – Jamaica West

Throughout the EP, Jamaica continues to echo the message that life is filled with more transition and journey than perfection.  Using a variety of music styles and unique production choices, this same message along the struggle and victory found within it can be both heard and felt well beyond her lyrics throughout the EP



We were recently invited to attend the private listening party for Jamaica’s release in Chicago where she walked the crowd through the album, sharing the meaning behind each song.  Watch a sneak peek of video from that night below:

Jamaica’s album charted in the Top 100 for R&B Soul on iTunes!  It’s safe to say that she’s already leaving a positive mark in the music scene!   Only time will tell where she goes from here… Scroll down to check out the full EP for yourself:




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