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Ken Townsell (formerly D.T.S.) dropped a joint project with Isaac Wheadon on Black Friday entitled Seems Like Forever.

Seems Like Forever is an experimental album that takes a break sonically from what the mainstream music industry is offering listeners.  Ken and Isaac came together to merge the worlds of Hip-Hop and House music to create something beautiful and special.  According to Ken, the project is meant to encourage listeners who feel stuck in life and wonder when will things change.  His message is simple, “don’t give up on your dreams and goals no matter what,” he says.  “Start where you are, with what you have and trust God with the results.”

Isaac, who produced Seems Like Forever in its entirety, has helped Ken carve out a lane of his own.  With purposeful lyrics like “Though bad things come they will leave/I aint bugging they will flea/but you gotta change your mindset/it might not be your time yet,” and unorthodox and rhythmic beats, this project is a breath of fresh air.  Though much of the music is simplistic in style, it’s impactful and effective. Seems Like Forever is poignant, worshipful and worth a listen.

Purchase Seems Like Forever here.

Listen to Seems Like Forever Here




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