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Lecrae’s last stop for the “All Things Work Together” tour in Chicago was everything we expected and more!  Held in the city’s downtown area at the House of Blues, his fans packed out the venue to it’s max!  The show started with Aha Gazelle lighting up the stage!  Following Aha, Kareem Manuel (Founder of WE Apparel) took the stage to explain the vision behind his clothing line.  LeCrae has been an integral part of this line from the beginning.  You may have seen him wearing shirts from the line often on instagram and throughout the tour.  Following Kareem’s speech, 1K Phew and Lecrae stepped on the stage doing what they do best!

For the first time, Lecrae has been touring with his own dance team, and they were lit!!  Lecrae also added beautiful and strong vocals from singer/songwriter Angelica Bias.  She is an artist you want to keep track of!  Just trust us on this one.  Lastly to mention, but certainly not least were the musicians!  They carried each of Lecrae’s songs well throughout his entire set bringing everything together.  Swoope held it down on the keys bringing a very soulful and at times a little churchy vibe to LeCrae’s set.  In short, the musicians were ready, and they didn’t disappoint.


One of the biggest surprises of the night happened during the encore performance at the end of the concert.  After completing his set, Lecrae paces the stage while speaking to the audience letting them know that they don’t even have to ask for an encore this year because they already had something for them…  At that point, 1K Phew returned to the stage, then LeCrae followed.  Then, it happened… LeCrae introduced Andy Mineo and the crowd went crazy!  No one was expecting it.  Watch a couple clips of Andy and Lecrae together below.

Andy Mineo Joins Lecrae On Stage During Last Leg of ATWT Tour:

The last stop of Lecrae’s concert was everything we expected and more!  With the additions of a new dance crew, Swoope bringing his soulful vibes to back up each artist that night coupled with the smooth yet powerful vocals from Angelica Bias, this tour felt like the beginning of something brand new.  It felt fresh!  LeCrae and his team are making moves, but most importantly, their leaving an impact.  If you missed the concert this night, don’t worry… we have more photos for you to check out.  Scroll down and check out everything!

BONUS VIDEO:  Angelica Bias is Someone You Need To Know!



Lecrae: "All Things Work Together Tour"

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