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There’s so much great music being released by so many great artists each week (both mainstream and independent) that it can be hard to keep up!  Well, we’ve got you!  Each week, we’ll be doing a recap covering a list of recent new releases!  We’ll post a new video every Monday and Tuesday recapping releases that were announced the previous week that you might have missed…

This week’s New Music News recap features Derek Minor, Social Club Misfits, The Walls Group, Dee, Dee1Music, Tay Collier (ft. Kayla Starks & L3xdivine), Konata, and the Duo Breekaysounds + Kasairi!


Watch This Week’s “New Music News” Recap:

We already have our eye on a number of artists who we have scheduled to appear in the next video, but we want to hear from you!  Comment below to let us know who we should include next!

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