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We told you it was coming and now it’s here!  Angie Rose’s latest mixtape “Sipping Coffee In The Bakery” is here!

“This project is for the kids that grew up banging beats on a table just so they could rap.  The kids that remember rap cyphers in the middle of a staircase or a crowded hall.” – Angie Rose

Angie Rose and her Cali-based producer, TheXBakr take us on a journey the 90s with a combination of laid back beats, drenched in nostalgic samples, and rhymes that bleed metaphor, similie, and calculated flow.  In this project, you can hear the hunger of an up and coming artist, the lessons learned, and the essence of Angie’s story of being a kid that grew up in the streets of New York and fell in love with Hip Hop.



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