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It’s historically known that women have had to face a variety of challenges in almost every industry due to generations of teaching that has presented them as less than in some way.  Over time, society has challenged those teachings and culture has changed significantly as a result.  However, many women still have challenges that they have to push through in male dominated industries.  This information isn’t a surprise to most.  However, many may not realize how prevelent that old thinking still is within some church circles.  Even more surprising to some is that those old ideas have also made their way into various sub-genres within church culture including Christian Hip Hop (AKA “CHH”).

Recently on Twitter, #chhsexism was trending as many discussed this issue rearing its head in various ways within the Christian hip hop sub-genre.  The hashtag #chhsexism made known the adverse experiences, disadvantages and neglect faced by women in the sub-genre throughout recent years.

There was much support and agreement for artists and influencers within chh who shared grievances via Twitter. See tweets below.

Some brought tangible solutions to the table.

That’s not to say that there wasn’t disagreement, some could not come to an understanding. Some who denied the presence of sexism were challenged to simply listen. There were conflicting views regarding boundaries and convictions, how men and women are to work together, issues of male and female on the same tour and issues concerning the spouses of artists.

Those topics preceded more complex matters such as how Jesus related to women and sexism in the church at large.

Offline conversations between artists were said to have taken place, some as a result of the hashtag.

The tweet that began a three-day dialogue between artists, influencers, fans and some outsiders to Christian hip-hop, came from musician and visual artist, Catalina “Cataphant” Bellizzi-Itiola.

Cataphant is known for her 2015 EP, Half Dead, as well as her musical contributions with artists from Humble Beast.  She is also known as the founder of the YOUNG LADY movement, and her previous column on the Forth District.  She is also the wife of rapper, Wordsplayed who backed her up on creating the hashtag.


In a Facebook post, Catalina (AKA @Cataphant) explained what led to her initial tweet using the hashtag.

“ #chhsexism is a hashtag I started on twitter after a troll took it a little too far with insulting me over his belief that the gender wage gap doesn’t exist, then proceeded to let me know he loves my husband’s music. This was the last straw with countless sexist negative experiences with the christian hip hop music industry throughout the years, and the hashtag was birthed.”


In the aftermath of #chhsexism that brought possibly just the tip of the iceberg to the surface, we at ArtSoul Radio will offer more resources to further the conversation in an upcoming post. Until then, check out the preview of our coming video that will highlight 25 female emcees that we think you should know. Trust us, they’re out there! We’re going to get you all caught up!



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