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Jon Corbin (formerly known as The Runaway) released his first single of 2018 entitled “You Care” featuring and produced by Jeremy Rodney-Hall.

The Canadian hip-hop & spoken word artist has an unorthodox style that although can be seen as simplistic, is very impactful and effective. “You Care” is soulful, poignant and worshipful and the newly released visual for the single is stirring.

On screen, you see the LSTNFND Music (“Lost and Found Music”) artist raps on a park bench while a father plays joyfully with his two daughters. The weighty symbolism of Corbin woefully speaking to his Heavenly Father as another father plays with his children in the park stays with you for days.

With lyrics like “God bless the child who’s unsure, knees slow to bend in penitent posture, God grant your child the strength to endure, sidelined asking for a place on the roster” Jon takes us all to the familiar place of feeling like God is far removed from us, but more importantly he’s reminding us that no matter how we feel, God is in fact there and cares.

“‘You Care’ is a personal song, kind of like a modern psalm, that affirms God’s love for us even in the face of hard times,” said Corbin.

Keep up with Jon Corbin on social media via @joncorbinmusic

Watch “You Care” Here!

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