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“The Kingdom Is Yours,” featuring Jon Carlos Velez, Jamie Macdonald & Dee Wilson is now available!

Common Hymnal is a unique collective of singer/songwriters. Beyond being just another worship group, this team of creatives have come together to create a community for artists who are believers who don’t feel they fit into mainstream Christianity.  Their key thread is worship with a social conscious. Through their community, they have stumbled upon a host of new songs that have been created by artists who came together within this group. “The Kingdom Is Yours” is their most recent release.

Staying in line with their mission to encourage change in various communities and the world, this collective is making a difference in Puerto Rico to help rebuild areas in need. The team shared their heart about this project below:

“Friends, we made this record we’ve now begun releasing so that we could tell a different story; one from the margins, the outskirts. Our hope is that you might find your place in this story, these songs as well.In that same spirit, we’ve decided to partner with The Happy Givers NPO for a Common Hymnal Collection of merch. Proceeds support The Happy Givers’ disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico. They’re helping to rebuild the lives and homes of people affected by Hurricane Maria. Check out their site, and ours if you’re interested.”


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