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Jackie The Educator

Show Description:

The focus of this show is to challenge future and current leaders to be strategic in engaging the world and committed to developing a purpose driven life.  Higher Learning will address tough topics and offer a space for intentional dialogue that leads to elevated thought.

Who Is “Jackie The Educator”

While working full-time as the Director of Diversity at North Park University, Jackie is often required to bring faith into the workplace. Building community with students, speaking up for the marginalized, and strategizing for student success, are a few of Jackie’s passions.With a fresh method of ministry through higher education she looks to influence future world changers.  Christian educators change lives when they press into the ministry that God has called them to while also teaching knowledge and truth. She thrives when teaching students, finding new best practices, discovering new events to plan, posing difficult questions, and dispelling myths.Outside of the classroom, Jackie is a mother of two, and ordained evangelist at House of Prayer Ministries in Englewood, IL.

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