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Reports have been flooding that Kanye West says he will only do Gospel music moving forward. Andrew Barber of Chicago’s “Fakeshore Drive” publication was the first to make the claim after hearing Kanye make the comment during a private showing of his coming short film (releasing October 25th) which will accompany his latest album “Jesus Is King”.


West also made a surprise guest appearance during Chance the Rapper’s stop in Chicago for his “The Big Day” tour. Kanye reportedly made this statement before launching into Chance’s song “All We Got”:
We came here tonight to declare that Jesus Christ is king”.

Watch Kanye’s Surprise Appearance at Chance The Rapper’s Concert Below:


While rumors are flying and questions about the validity of Kanye’s recent actions are continuing to be raised, there are others who are offering nothing but prayers during this time. On an episode of “The Breakfast Club”,
Kei-Landa Rember, the founder of the movement #PrayForHipHop shares that she and her followers have been praying for Kanye and a host of others within the hip hop community for quite a while. Seeing this recent change in Kanye for them and many others seems like an answer to prayer in his favor.



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Kanye spoke candidly about his mental health and how his faith in God and time in worship has been giving him a new found relief.

Kanye has officially been doing his “Pop-Up Services” for over one year now and with this recent announcement, he isn’t showing any clear signs of slowing down anytime soon. Kanye’s album “Jesus Is King” released September 27th. Scroll down to stream it below and stay tuned for his coming short film under the same name which releases on October 25th.



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