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Meghan Rice is new to the worship artist scene and has officially released her freshman single called “Love For You,” a smooth worship ballad.

Produded by Godframe, “Love For You” is a blend of jazz, R&B, and some subtle pop undertones. Growing up in the 90s greatly influenced Meghan’s writing style. She loves telling a story by creating images and experiences through the language and melodies of her songs. She says, “I have often imagined Jesus as the ultimate husband. I find that when I write songs about Him it is within the context of a personal relationship that is centered on intimacy and connection. I don’t think that my writing style is normal, per se, but it is very normal for me. My worship reflects how I interact with God and what it creates is something genuine and raw.” A closer listen to “Love For You” reveals scriptural references, relationships, and metaphors:

You and me/We were meant to be together/

Like the earth and the sea/we complement each other/

You’ve left your words on my lips/And I can feel your hand on my heart/

We will never/We will never/We will never be apart

Meghan is excited to share her music with others. “I am usually alone when I write my songs because I can sing as freely as I please. I hope that my worship piques the interest of listeners and moves them to connect with God more deeply.”



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