(Email all submissions to music@artsoulradio.com)

When submitting music for consideration, please include:

  • Artist Bio & any relevant imagery (Album cover, Single cover, etc)

  • The Radio Version of your single.  (Between 3:00 – 3:30 in length)

  • The Instrumental Version of your single (optional, but preferred)

  • When submitting “new releases,” please provide an Official Press Release date of the full Album/EP, or mixtape along with links to where it will be available to listen & purchase.

  • Provide a link where we can listen to your song without having to download (i.e. soundcloud, bandcamp, reverbnation, etc.) This allows our DJs a quick and easy way to check out your music w/out having to add more files to their computers.

  • Provide a downloadable version of your music for airplay.  Please ensure that submissions are sent as WAV files.  (If WAV files are unavailable, please submit MP3s that are encoded at a minimum of 256 kbps. This ensures your music will play at highest quality! )

  • All music submissions must be properly ID tagged.  Each file name should include artist name, song name and album title.  This allows our programming team to add your music into programming quickly and accurately.

  • When submitting full albums and mix-tapes,  please be certain to list which songs you’re promoting as your lead singles.

    ** Because of our large number of submissions, we cannot guarantee feedback for all submissions.  However, if your music is added to programming you will receive an email letting you know.  Follow us on all social media outlets to see any shout outs of newly added artists as well!

  • NOTE:
    Please note that we are a Royalty based radio station!  It is always in the best interest of an artist to register with a “Performing Rights Organization” (P.R.O.) such as ASCAP, BMI, or Sesac.  These organizations will keep track of when and where your music is played and send out payments accordingly.  Because we are connected with the following organizations, your music is being tracked.  Don’t miss out on future payments, submit your music and register with a P.R.O. today!


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