ArtSoul Radio is a 24/7, online Christian Radio Station and Online Magazine covering music, faith, culture and art! Nominated by the Stellar Awards and Spin Awards, we remain consistent in highlighting both indie and mainstream artists in Contemporary Gospel, Pop, Soul, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Afro beats, and Spoken Word Poetry. Tune in to catch our latest featured radio shows, and exclusive video programming airing 24/7 via and the Tune In app. If you’re looking for more new shows that you can listen to on-demand, stay connected for the launch of our new full podcast network where you can find the best in Christian & Inspirational podcasts!

As an entertainment website and online magazine, we promote industry news, reviews, releases, nation-wide events, event highlights, and exclusive interviews while helping you discover new industry creatives and influencers making an impact in culture!

Our goal is to be the “amplifier” for the voice of the Christian millennial, covering various topics from music news, entertainment news, lifestyle, and faith, to pop culture and more. Stay connected to keep up with what’s new in Christian and inspirational entertainment, discover the cultural issues important to both millennials + Generation Z youth, and engage in dialogue. There is a strong need for quality inspirational content in our world today. Our network is here to meet that need.


NOTE: We are a Royalty Based station.  This means that all artists connected to a “Performing Rights Organization” (such as ASCAP, BMI, etc) can get paid for being played our station!



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Targeting millennials and college youth, we are currently reaching over 2.2M impressions each month across our combined platforms!  If you’re an artist or a business, we are the perfect platform to help you gain fresh exposure from a new, diverse and youthful audience!  Email us at for more details.

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ArtSoul Radio is an international platform that is fueled by a growing team of creatives who are passionate about art and the messages presented through it.  Our core team is currently based in Chicago, IL but includes team members spread across several states.  We each share the same passion of providing alternative entertainment for a new generation.  We also share the same passion of highlighting the new sounds that are being created by a new breed of artists who create music that is more of a fusion of music styles that can’t easily fit into one label.

Our goal is to create a space for these artists who don’t fit in the traditional genres typically
heard in Christian music, to promote the underexposed and to inspire a new generation of both creators and fans.

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“If you are an artist who has ever felt like you didn’t fit in, this station is for you!”

“If you’re looking for new music, this is the perfect place to hear
fresh new artists programmed next to many of your favorites!”


“Through our content, we seek to encourage a new generation of artists to step outside of the box with their art & creativity while holding on to their message.” – #TeamArtSoulRadio