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Author Kenyatta Scott Is Doing More Than Selling Books. She’s Making A Difference!

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Reading is fundamental and for Kenyatta Scott, every reading experience becomes a moment to teach.




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Reading is fundamental and for Kenyatta Scott, every reading experience becomes a moment to teach. In addition to being the Founder and CEO of Let’s Talk, Incorporated where she operates as a Speech Therapy Consultant, Scott is a children’s book author. Her first book, Violet Finds A Dollar debuted in 2017 and has opened the door for more opportunities for Scott to make an impact on the youth in Chicagoland and beyond. In conjunction with her Violet Book series, Scott has started The Violet foundation to support high quality early childhood education for all children. ArtSoul had a moment to speak with her about her recent endeavors. Check out her inspiring story here… 

1) ARTSOUL: What can you tell us about your book series? Do you want each book to stand on its own or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?

KENYATTA: The Violet Book Series is a morally based book series that builds self-esteem, in children. The series also works to combat the mass stereotype that fathers are not present in communities of children of color, by having Violet and Derek learning all of their life lessons, in each book, from their Dad! Everything Violet, as I tend to call anything I do with the name Violet attached to it, is my life’s work and purpose for being here on Earth. I love being able to teach children and connect families through the bright colors, vivid storytelling, and reading comprehension questions that are in the back of each book. The books are all connected by way of the family dynamic, the representation of a blended family unit, with Dad teaching little Violet and Derek in each one. The life lessons and moral values differ from book to book.


2) ARTSOUL: What themes do you like to address in your stories?

KENYATTA: I love having the ability to reinforce morals, values, and life lessons, in each book. I believe it is my social responsibility to be cognizant of the messages that I place in society by way of the themes that I address in my stories. I believe that we, as individuals, possess the power to either tear down or build up, and I prefer the latter. I want each child to be able to see themselves reflected, in some way, in each story. I want the children who desire a voice to be heard. I want to tell the story of the little black boy or the little brown girl to share our stories in such a culturally diverse way that others are able to experience and grow through our narrative. Some previous themes that the stories have tackled are: Integrity, Bullying, Being Considerate of Others, and The Importance of Sharing your feelings. Some upcoming themes in unreleased books are: Coping with Loss, Respect for the Special Needs Community, and Good Touch/Bad Touch, to name a few.

3) ARTSOUL: How easy (or difficult) was it for you to transition from being an educator to author? What were you surprised to learn during that process?

 KENYATTA: I find that my work between being an educator and an author is interrelated. I worked in daycares and homes, for over 10 years, servicing children and families. Out of that work grew my already present love for children and the desire to give them a voice for their stories to be heard. As I worked in low income areas, mentoring parents, it was apparent that access to quality education should not be available as a luxury but that it, in fact, is a human right. Seamlessly moving between two communities, attending Yale University one day and working in impoverished neighborhoods the next provided me with direct insight into the impacts the lack of quality education has on a community. With The Violet Foundation and other projects I am currently working on, I seek to bridge the gap.


To be honest, the biggest surprises for me, if we can call them that, is the support I receive from the community. Oftentimes, it is the parents who do not have much that are first in line for a new Violet book or t-shirt. They provide verbal encouragement, inviting me to do book readings at their daycares and churches. I can feel their pride. As a result, this strengthens my resolve to provide children and families with access to high quality education. I am committed to doing the work. I am also surprised by the outpouring of love and support that I have received from my team members who consist of contract workers, board members, and, eventually, full time staff. They rally behind me and this work. This push for education at an early childhood level as well as placing the books in the hands of people who can increase its reach. I am humbled even by this interview. You taking the time to write my story that chronicles a whisper in time, immortalized forever on these pages.

4) ARTSOUL: With your background, what research methods have been fruitful for you (in terms of writing your books)?

KENYATTA: Honestly, my process of writing starts with fasting and prayer. Research methods, so to speak, come by way of searching my heart. I may draw inspiration from an old childhood memory that God places on my heart, an article I came across on social media ages ago, or an actual in person encounter while I am out with the books. I have been approached by buying customers who have asked, “Do you have a book about xyz?” If the encounter hangs on in my heart, it is possible that I will write on that subject matter. I have also been approached by other entrepreneurs about collaborative books. I don’t think I use traditional research methods, in the context you may be asking, as other writers. I sincerely desire for my stories to flow from God, through me, and out onto the pages.


5) ARTSOUL: What inspired you to start a foundation? What personal connection do you have to it? What are the goals of your foundation?

KENYATTA: The Violet Foundation, NFP was started from a desire to bridge the gaps in providing families with access to high quality education for their children, by any means necessary. The educational work I do is purely God led. I am operating from a place of obedience as I see the needs of the community. I was granted access to what we traditionally know to be “high quality education” with a peak in my educational opportunities in my attended at Yale University, at the age of 20 years old. That was a transformative time for me. It was my first time away from home and I was surrounded by everything that was foreign to me, at 20 years old. There were constant reminders that I had everything I needed to succeed. I was presented with challenges where I had to rise to meet the opportunity. There I was a little black girl, B student, from the South Side of Chicago, picked up and dropped off in an environment where I could choose to either sink or swim in. Then I returned, back to Chicago, unbeknownst to me that the next few years of my educational and career path would lead me here.

The goals of the Foundation are pretty simple. They are tied to the educational objectives as a support. Whatever the needs are of the educational structure, that I am currently building out, the foundation will rise to meet them. We definitely need the support of our community, corporations, and leaders so I definitely welcome all email inquiries from those who desire to have a direct impact on the educational structure of children residing in low income neighborhoods. I am creating something unique that many have never experienced before, in local communities, so I encourage and welcome others to be a part of the shift in the narrative. To lean into love.



6) ARTSOUL: Can you share one or two stories about a child who has been impacted by your book series?

KENYATTA: Absolutely! Thank you for asking. The third book in the series, Violet and Derek Go Rollerskating is a book about Bullying and the Importance of Sharing Your Feelings. A parent was given a book for their 4-year-old. She then messaged saying, “Thank you so much for this beautifully written story. I read it to my 4-year-old and went over the questions in the back. To my surprise, as he was answering the questions, he was able to then tell Dad and I about another child who had been bullying him, at his daycare. I don’t think we ever would have known or heard about this happening to him because, I don’t think he even knew what to call it, before reading your book. As a result, I have set up a meeting with his teacher and the other child’s parents. I cannot thank you enough. Your book very well may have saved my child’s life, as we know that children have committed suicide behind being bullied.”

I was speechless when I read that. I thanked God for using me.

Another parent wrote, “Thank you so much for your book, Violet Finds A Dollar. My child previously disliked reading, due to the fact that she was diagnosed with multiple reading disorders. Well, your book, she could not put down! She read and re-reads it over and over again. Thank you for opening my child back up to the love of reading, as she explores stories, and learns. She says, “Violet looks like me” and takes such pride in that. I am also beyond thrilled to report that her reading scores have improved in school. Your book helped to increase my child’s self-esteem. Thank you so much!”
Again, to God be all the glory. To know that The Violet Book Series is having a lasting impact on children, giving them a voice, and encouraging parents means EVERYTHING.


7) ARTSOUL: While we’re currently in quarantine, how can young readers benefit from The Violet Book Series? How can parents and educators benefit from the Foundation?

KENYATTA: Young Readers can benefit from The Violet Book Series by tuning in to the Free weekly LIVE book readings my team put together, for me to do, from the comfort of my own home. As many children are being homeschooled, parents may be looking for various educational activities to keep their child both engaged and learning Monday through Friday. I go LIVE on Facebook and IG every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, reading a portion of the “Book of the Week” and going over reading comprehension questions at the back of each book. The live reading series are called, “Storytime with Violet”. Parents are welcome to tune in, write comments and are encouraged to participate with their children. All readings are scheduled for after nap time, at 3:30pm CST.


8) ARTSOUL: Awesome! Is there anything else you’d like to share?

KENYATTA: The final week, April 20th through the 24th, will consist of The Violet Book Series Book and Apparel Giveaways! Parents and Educators are able to benefit from the Foundation by way of Facebook and IG Lives, that are held Tuesday through Thursday, called, “Creating The Healthy Child.” Various topics are discussed and questions have the opportunity to ask questions. Some subject matter that is discussed is “The Importance of Socialization” and “The Importance of Healthy Nutritional Habits.” Both Facebook and Instagram lives take place on The Violet Book Series’ social media platforms and can be re-watched at a later time and shared. Videos will also be uploaded to the TheVioletTV channel on YouTube.


9) ARTSOUL: What would you personally like to accomplish through all of your Violet entities?

KENYATTA: I personally would like to leave the world better than I found it by way of Everything Violet. My life’s work is interwoven with threads of love for children, community, connection, empowerment and did I mention, love? I desire to see all children have no obstacles in their way when it comes to being given access to high quality education, from an early age, which I believe to be a human right. I want the books to continue to educate and fill children with a sense of pride in who they are and where they come from. I want them to know that their stories deserve to be told. When a child sees a Violet or Derek, the words, “That looks like me” will never get old. As the brand expands, my goal is that children and families everywhere will feel the love behind Violet.



To find out how you can support The Violet Foundation, NFP, Corporations and Individuals can email:

Direct Charitable Contributions the The Violet Foundation, NFP can be made online at

To purchase The Violet Book Series Books or Clothing Apparel, visit

For mass book orders, please email:
(Three book bundles are available for purchase with no delay in shipping.)

To invite Kenyatta Scott to speak, host a workshop, or facilitate 8-12 week programming, for youth, which can be tailored to the needs of the Corporation/Organization, email:

To book Self-Publishing Author Consultations, book online at

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Reach Records award-winning artist, 1K Phew, has released his third single and video from his upcoming album, As I Am, to be released Fall 2022. 1K Phew’s refined rawness and genuine directness resonates with people who know God but feel trapped in the streets. His previously released songs, “The Offering,” and “Church House Trap House,” speaks directly to and for them. He latest single, Safe” ft Jai’ Len Josey, is an introspective thank you letter to God for keeping him safe from a near death experience.
Although he grew up in the church with two praying parents, who loved and encouraged him, 1K Phew still found himself going down a destructive path as a teen. “It wasn’t until I almost got shot one day that I decided to truly surrender my life to God and His plan. Every time I tried to do things my way, it didn’t work out for me. That incident was a turning point for me. It had to be God that day because I was so close to losing my life. I automatically just started thanking God for sparing my life. Coming that close to being killed was the wakeup call I needed. From that day onward, I was different. I committed to a personal relationship with God over being religious. I’m so thankful that God kept me safe.” 

Feeling redeemed and renewed, he’s focused on a greater purpose which includes creating music that the holy and the hood can feel and relate to. The song’s lyrics are transparent. “I ain’t tryna be another one on that list, gone too soon. Cause I just gotta make it back to my kids I got a few. Tryna pay my dues, have something to lose. Cause they always heard my neighborhood on the news. And I’m living proof, but I got nothing to prove. And I brought my brothers might as well save them too.”
Recently awarded Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year at the 37th Annual Stellar Awards for his collaborative album with Lecrae, No Church In A While, 1K Phew has also been nominated alongside Lecrae for a 2002 Dove Award in the categories of “Rap/Hip-Hop Album of The Year” (No Church In A While) and Rap/Hip-Hop Song of the Year for “Wildin,” a song on the album.

“I just want to share my life through this music. My message is faith, hope and encouraging people to be their authentic self in Christ. The story I’m telling is how I overcame my obstacles,” shares 1K Phew. “You can’t force anybody to follow your way, but you can keep it 1000, let your light shine and watch them come to you.”



The fun and energetic music video for the first single, “The Offering,” (song produced by Phenom) and video directed by Derrell Lamar, recreated one of the church robbery scenes from Screen Gems/Cube Vision comedy, “First Sunday” (2008), written, produced, and directed by David E. Talbert and starring Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan, Katt Williams, Loretta Devine, Malinda Williams, Regina Hall, Michael Beach, Rickey Smiley, Olivia Cole and more. The next single, “Church House Trap House” ft 1K Pson included real and authentic visuals of where 1K Phew comes from, the East side of Atlanta, GA. 

In the Church House Trap House music video ft 1 Pson, directed by Caleb Seales and Jerrell Lamar, 1K visually takes you to the church which was right next to the trap house. “For me growing up, going to church meant seeing drug deals and shoot outs on the way. Sometimes these things would be happening at the same time service was going on. Because of that environment, I was exposed to a lot of “sin” in or around the church. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, but it’s my experience and a lot of others’ as well. I don’t think it’s being talked about in Christian music, so I feel it’s necessary to bring it up.”

We’re excited to see what’s next for 1KPhew as he continues to create a new path in the music industry! Keep up with this artist on social media below:
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