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Christian Music Community Celebrates Tony Evans Becoming First African American to Author a Study Bible, Commentary



This past week included a celebration for Tony Evans who just became the first African American to create a Bible Study and Commentary! Some of the top artists in Christian music joined in on this celebration. Artists included Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, Tori Kelly, Anthony Evans, Actress – Sherie Shepherd and many more.

The “Tony Evans Study Bible” features study notes and other tools designed for digging deeper into God’s word. These notes and resource have been collected from the sermons, teachings, and writings of Dr. Tony Evans. They are strategically place alongside the biblical text to explain God’s word in a fresh way; applying the truths of God’s word empowers readers to live according to the values of God’s kingdom.

This isn’t Pastor Evan’s first time breaking records, as he was also the first African American to earn a doctorate in theology at the renown Christian institute Dallas Theological Seminary.

It’s surprising that in 2019, we are still listing “The 1st African American” to reach certain heights within the Christian community. But, that fight is something that Pastor Tony Evans knows too well and has been accustomed to fighting for years. In a recent interview with Christianity Today, Pastor Evans spoke about his recent counsel to Kirk Franklin regarding his decision to boycott the Dove Awards and why it was important to him to of highlight the presence of Black people in the Bible:

“One of the things I point out in the Bible is the black presence in the Bible. And one of the issues I have dealt with: There were years where I was not allowed to be on radio because of my race, and I was told that directly. So there has been in the Christian community and the evangelical community, a consistent disparity in how minorities are treated and how we are allowed to sit at the table equally.

And so when they cut out the part of his speech that was critical to his and our experience, that demonstrated cultural, racial insensitivity, especially since it was nothing offensive. It was a fact of what had happened. So I felt that would have been appropriate since that’s what his conscience told him to do. But I also told him, you must honor your conscience in a righteous way. And so that’s why he put in there he’s willing to help rectify it, not just complain about it because a lot of times you have complaints without solutions. Let’s help heal. Let’s not just keep divided, but also let’s be clear on what’s right and what’s wrong.” 

Speaking on why it was important to him to highlight the presence of Black people in the Bible, Pastor Evans spoke plainly:

“What I want to say to African Americans is if you see what’s really in the Bible, you can find yourself there. You don’t have to lose yourself to believe in Jesus. In fact, much of who we are is in Jesus.”

           Read that full interview here.


We salute Pastor Tony Evans for breaking records once again in the Christian community.

Be sure to click this link to purchase your copy of the Tony Evans Study Bible. Sound off in the comment section and tell us what you think of this new Bible commentary!






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