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Jamie Grace No Longer With Gotee Records | Announces New Music

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On August 18th, Jamie Grace made an announcement via Instagram stating that she is no longer signed with Gotee Records.  The 2x Grammy & Billboard Nominated, Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter came to this decision on her own after much soul searching.

Read her official statement below:

I am very excited to say that I have been working on new music and will be touring and releasing new music very soon. However, while I am grateful for how my platform as an artist was expanded while on Gotee Records, the steps I take in the future will not be as an artist on that label. Jamie Grace right now is the same Jamie Grace who signed up at Youtube.com ten years ago to make people smile. To bring people joy. To encourage people. All because I found the love of Jesus and desperately needed to share it. So with my music, books, ministry, films (what?!), exciting new opportunities and all else the Lord puts on my heart and, that is what I will strive to do. Tell the world about the joy I found in Jesus Christ. Join my newsletter at jamiegrace.com to be the FIRST to know when my third studio album will be released.

A photo posted by Jamie Grace [Harper] (@jamiegraceh) on


Jamie Grace has been represented by Gotee Records for seven years now.  From that relationship came several albums including the radio hits “Hold Me”, “You Lead”, “Beautiful Day” and “Do Life Big”.  Her sister Morgan Harper Nicols was also recently signed to the label in March of 2015.  Morgan released her first self-titled album, featuring the radio hit “Story Steller” under the label in May of that same year.  However, Morgan has recently released a stream of similar messages via twitter stating that she will now be leaving the label as well.

Morgan Harper’s Twitter Announcement:

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 10.19.40 AM


Jamie’s announcement comes not long after a stream of twitter posts hinting to her desire to do more musically than her current label home was able to support.  Her announcement also comes after an experience she had this month at an Adele concert.  Adele recently chose Jamie Grace at random to join her on stage to sing. Adele was not familiar with Jamie Grace, which explains her shock after Jamie sang her first note!

Click here to read the full story of that moment.  The live-recorded moment of Jamie singing for Adele has since gone viral and earned her interviews with ABC, CNN, Inside Edition and more!

In a recent feature on ABC’s Good Morning America, she shared that she has been struggling with what to do next in her career for a while.  But, she now believes that the moment she was on stage with Adele, may have been just the encouragement she needed to sway her into continuing to make music.

“Just because you’re an artist and you’re on the radio or you have a Grammy nomination, people might think that everything is good,” she said. “I’ve actually been going through a really emotional time with music and have just been really overwhelmed with what’s next in my career.” – Jamie Grace

Jamie Grace also shared with Good Morning America that her doubts of whether or not she should still continue making music were weighing so hard on her that she had been in counseling to help her make the decision.  But, it was the moment Adele gave her on the stage that has officially swayed her towards continuing to create music.  See her statement to GMA below:

“Even though I have this recognition and this career, to be given the opportunity to sing for Adele’s crowd — it was a reminder and an assurance that I do have a voice and the voice does matter.  It was everything I needed.”


In July of this year, Jaimie released a new video on her YouTube channel celebrating 10 years of being on the YouTube platform where she first got her start!


She thanks her followers for sticking with her and encourages them to stay tuned for what’s coming next!  Jamie Grace and her sister started off as a duo before their relationship with Gotee Records.  During their time there, they have continued to post a host of video music covers and inspirational talk videos on each of their personal YouTube Channels as a way to remain expressive and to consistently communicate with their fans.

Gotee Records has not yet released a statement of their own regarding this split. Jamie Grace encourages everyone to sign up for her email newsletter where she will keep everyone up to date with the date of her coming release.

(Click here for Jamie Grace’s full interview with Good Morning America.)

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Big Tigger Announces The Return of BET’s “Rap City” TV Show: “This is Not A Drill”

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Thursday (September 30), Big Tigger announced via an Instagram post that BET’s Rap City is being revamped for a 2.0 version of the show!

“This is not a drill,” he wrote in the caption. “This is not a throwback. #RapCity21!! Details soon. #RapCityRaisedMe #ATL.”

Big Tigger is Rap City’s most memorable host, so it’s only right that he be the one to introduce the show to a new generation. His announcement comes just on the heels of Tigger’s new show with Rapsody featured on REVOLTTV called Off Top which also incorporates a freestyle booth feel similar to Tha Basement.

Big Tigger is Rap City’s most memorable host, so it’s only right that he be the one to introduce the show to a new generation. Also, his announcement comes on the heels of Tigger’s show with Rapsody on REVOLT called Off Top which also incorporates a freestyle booth feel similar to Tha Basement.

The Rap City TV Show originally aired on the Black Entertainment Television (BET) network from August 11, 1989, to November 8, 2008. The program was an exclusive showcase for hip hop music videos, and features interviews with and freestyles from popular rappers, and often has guest DJs serve as co-hosts. Rap City returned in 2009, then again in 2013. The show has always had a special place in the hearts of Hip Hop fans and later became a historical staple in the genre. BET has been toying with the idea of bringing it back for years. This is an exciting return! We’re excited to see the revamp for a new generation.

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Kelly Price Breaks Silence of Her Whereabouts Revealing She Nearly Died From Covid: “I temporarily flatlined”

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Kelly Price broke her silence on Sunday after days of concerns over her safety after she was initially believed to be missing following a recent COVID-19 hospitalization.

In a video interview with TMZ, the Grammy-nominated R&B and Gospel singer said she almost didn’t survive the virus.

“At some point they lost me,” she said. “I woke up some days later, a couple days later, and the first thing I remember is the team of doctors standing around me and asking me if I knew what year it was.”

When asked to clarify what she meant by “they lost me,” Price said “I died.”

Price first shared that she had tested positive for Covid-19 on July 29. She has not shared whether or not she is vaccinated. But, she did include the following statement on her Instagram when she announced she had contracted the virus:

“I’m following Dr’s orders. I’m quarantined. Feeling really drained,” stated. “Splitting headache but I’m not in the hospital. I’m grateful and expecting to have a quick recovery. #GodIsAHealer.”

After that announcement, the singer then appeared to drop out of sight, and, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, authorities in Cobb County, Georgia confirmed that a missing person report had been filed for Price. Price’s sister, Shanrae Price, went public with a plea for her to contact concerned family members so they could physically see her. The singer’s attorney, Monica Ewing, told media outlets that Price was not missing, but merely recuperating. Conflicting stories from her family and silence from her label left many fans and friends concerned as the news went viral on social media and multiple news outlets.


In this newly released video from Kelly Price, she shared that she had Covid for about a week at home with her husband taking care of her before he also tested positive right before she was rushed to the hospital with worsening symptoms, including a fever of 103 degrees.

She said she was released from the hospital with an oxygen tank because of the shortage of beds and for the next four weeks had health care workers visiting her at home.” People were definitely seeing me,” Price said. “The people that could actually say something are not allowed to because of HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which guards the privacy of patients] law.” She said she received her first negative Covid test about a week ago.

Price also shared that she is now a “long hauler,” which refers to those who continue to have lingering complications from the virus, and “is facing a very up hill battle right now.” She addressed the issue with her sister, saying that she had not been in contact with her for some time. Price also posted a thank you to those who had been concerned on her Instagram.

We are glad she is safe and continue to pray for her full recovery and healing.

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R&B and Gospel Singer Kelly Price Reported Missing in Georgia

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Police in Georgia have listed gospel and R&B singer Kelly Price as a missing person after being unable to find her during a welfare check last weekend.

Price, 48, posted a video on July 29 saying she had COVID-19 and was having trouble with the symptoms. Her family told TMZ she was admitted to a hospital about a week later and then taken to the Intensive Care Unit when her condition worsened. Kelly Price’s last Instagram post was shared on July 29 and it featured the songstress announcing that she was battling COVID.

The family told TMZ that they were in touch with Kelly while she was in the ICU which included several visits from her children. But, they were soon “shocked” to hear that she was discharged just three weeks later as she was “still not fully healthy.”

And while authorities allege that Kelly’s boyfriend was “cooperative” when they spoke to him, Kelly’s family told investigators that he’s been “keeping friends and family members from visiting her home.”

The family and friends of Kelly Price are especially concerned for her safety now that she hasn’t been seen in a month.

According to Cobb County officials who spoke with TMZ, Kelly was officially listed as a missing person following a welfare check conducted at her home last Saturday. They reportedly found no evidence of foul play. They have also talked with Kelly’s financ’e at the residence.

While reports have surfaced that Kelly has been found safe and is back with family, Cobb County officials confirmed with The U.S. Sun that the news is “false.”

“No one in our division has been contacted by her family members to confirm Kelly is back home and safe. Any reports stating otherwise are false and unauthorized as of right now. 

“We hope to find Kelly safe and when that happens, we will let the public know,” authorities told The Sun. “We hope to find Kelly safe and when that happens, we will let the public know.”

This is still a developing story. However, as of now, Kelly Price is still listed as “missing” in the National Crime Information Center. We are sending prayers her way for a fast and safe recovery.

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