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Has Tyler Perry Finalized Deal to Buy BET Networks? Here’s What We Know For Sure:




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A new report recently released stating that Tyler Perry is ready to take over the cable channel BET. But has this “report” been confirmed as a fact? This is the question that has been buzzing around social media lately. This is what we know so far:

In the last few months, Tyler Perry, Diddy, Byron Allen (owner of The Grio and The Weather Channel), 50 Cent and others have all expressed an interest in buying the network after the announcement that Paramount is currently exploring selling the network along with their intentions of placing the network under Black ownership.

Currently, out of everyone who has expressed an interest in the network, Tyler Perry’s desire to own BET has been getting the most attention in recent days. This could be due to the recent report published by the media outlet Streamr (which was later removed from their platform) along with the resurfacing of an interview that Tyler did with Entertainment Tonight in April of this year.

In April, Entertainment Tonight asked Tyler a key question, “Why would something like this be so important to you?”

Tyler replied… “I’ve read about Byron Allen, Puffy and everyone wanting to bid, and I think it’s really great! This is what I love about it. When Bob Johnson sold it in 2000 I think it was, there wasn’t one Black person who could buy it. So, now to see all of these Black people… [both] men and women who are able to be in a position to buy it, man that makes me feel really really really excited!” – Tyler Perry

During that same interview in April, when asked about the time frame of a resolution for this deal, Tyler Perry responded light-heartedly saying, “It could be later rather than sooner…later or yesterday, today, tomorrow, next month, 6 years, etc.” After some banter, Tyler firmly stated the following: “We can very much say there are conversations, I am beyond interested and there will be a resolution in 20-two years.”

As we can see, the humor never ends with Tyler. So, while his interest is certain, the confirmation of the finalization of this deal has not yet been shared. We are standing by for a final word on this from Paramount and Tyler Perry himself.


[Update] According to @fox5atlanta , @uproxx@okayplayer , and more, Paramount, BET and Tyler Perry have yet to confirm or deny the report that Tyler has made the deal to take over BET official. In addition, journalists such as Philip Lewis (who is also the Senior editor of the Huffington Post) was one of the first to start a viral twitter thread speaking about the challenges with influencers and blog sites citing situations as real news without any confirmed sourcing or accountability vs journalistic news sites who have to hold to specific standards for news confirmation remaining the standard. Phillip along with a number of journalists discussed the pitfalls that exist in today’s media ecosystem, as laid out in a brief Twitter thread here.

Fox News Atlanta carried the same sentiments with their recent article release saying,
“Congratulations are pouring in for Tyler Perry after news reports that the media mogul successfully acquired BET and VH1, making him the first African American to own two major television networks … except, no one knows if it actually happened.”

In April, Entertainment Tonight asked Tyler directly what his plans were for the BET Network. His desire was clearly expressed. He wants to own as much of the network as possible.

What Would This Deal Do To the Entertainment Network and Black Talent Within the Industry?

Judging by the response from this currently unconfirmed news going viral today online, BET fans would highly approve of Tyler’s ownership of the network! Until we hear a final confirmation on this news, it looks as though Tyler Perry, Diddy, Byron Allen and many others may all still be in the runnings to lock in this deal. If this is the current status, the good news is that once it’s all done, BET Networks will be under Black Owned leadership; and that’s something to celebrate!

Watch as Byron Allen explains the importance of BET Networks being under Black leadership.

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Tamara is the founder of and a contributor for Ebony/Jet Magazine and other publications. She also works in TV/Film production and has a strong passion for the arts, community outreach, teaching and working with the youth. Learn more at and follow her on social media.

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Venus and Serena Williams are true trailblazers! Forbes reported in 2022 that Venus was the second highest-paid female athlete. Their investment in the Miami Dolphins, in partnership, is not only changing the investment landscape but also breaking barriers both on and off the court.

Their success in business complements their legendary status in tennis. Their investment in the Miami Dolphins is just one example of how they are reshaping the investment landscape. It’s inspiring to see them use their platform and influence to make an impact beyond tennis!

With their track record, their investment is bound to yield excellent results. It’s only a matter of time before we see the first Black majority owner of an NFL team.

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