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Angelica Bias Releases Single “You Say”



Acclaimed singer and songwriter Angelica Bias, proudly releases her riveting rendition of “You Say” which is now available! An Atlanta native, Angelica is one-half of the renowned husband and wife duo, Josh + Angelica. Previously featured on projects with artists such as, Jeezy and Pastor Troy, Angelica is eager to introduce her fans to this solo project and single. Having toured with Grammy Award winning rapper Lecrae, Angelica sees this new release as way to illustrate what is true to her as an artist. “This is the first step in an exciting opportunity to take listeners on a journey with me. You Say speaks volumes to the struggles we all face.

“This song resonated with me and it spoke to my heart. The lyrics are a reminder of who I am and more importantly who’s I am.” Angelica’s release has also caught the attention of Grammy Award winning and multi-platinum producer Zaytoven. “I feel Angelica’s version of You Say is powerful, uplifting, inspiring and a breath of fresh air. Her voice is amazing and she’s been a star ever since I met her at age 15,” he said.

Once you see Angelica live it’s clear she is someone you need to know! The ArtSoul Radio team first came across her when she was on tour with Lecrae in 2017. Along with her powerful voice, the relatively petite singer/songwriter also carries a strong stage presence that is reminiscent of some of music’s greatest such as Tina Turner and and Beyonce. Both her voice and her performance will give you chills.

Angelica On Tour With Lecrae:

Angelica’s performance of her most current release “You Say” is prime example of this artist who we have come to know and love. While it is a remix from Lauren Daigle, Angelica has been able to put her signature on it by giving it a more urban feel. The remix of this single was co-produced byAngelica along with her husband Josh Bias and J.J. Hardge infusing it with a more soulful tone.

“We worked hard on this project and we are excited for people to hear it,” she said. “You Say” is available now on all digital platforms.

Watch the full video of this single below and let us know your thoughts!





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Rahkii Releases New Video for Latest Single “No Capes”

Chicago based artist Rahkii released new video for her latest single “No Capes” and it’s on another level! Watch the video in full below.



Chicago based artist Rahkii released new video for her latest single “No Capes” and it’s on another level! Watch the video in full below.


Watch “No Capes”

Rahkii is a pervious ArtSoul Spotlight artist known for her singles “Beautiful” and Zoom. At just the age of twenty-five, Rahkii has already begun to make an impact on Chicago as a music artist. Her broad roots in music stretch further than any genre can define. Her talent was discovered when she began to sing solos in the Youth Choir at her home church. From there, Rahkii emerged onto the urban music scene by way of her education at Columbia College, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Music Theater. Discovering her voice through gospel music sparked a curiosity of various styles which she explores through her own music.

Rahkii is influenced by artists such as John Mayer, Janelle Monae and Mali Music. Taking inspiration from the diversity of the local music culture, she supports the “no genre” movement.

Some highlights of her professional career includes placing her single “Beautiful” as the theme song on the Lifetime TV series American Beauty Star in September of 2016, performing alongside great artists such as OBY, Walking on Water and Pocket Radio. She has also worked as a background vocalist for talented artist such as R.Kelly, Eryn Allen Kane, Patti Labelle, Jenifer Hudson and more.

While this list only shows a small portion of Rahkii’s accomplishments, it highlights her “jack of all trades” personality as well as her ambitious and hardworking nature. In addition, it also shows her love for collaboration of all types of music, which is why she is joining the “no genre” movement. Rahkii is an emerging artist who wholeheartedly believes that she can affect lives in a positive way with her music. She’s been blessed by God with a talent. She has a great power within her and she’s on a mission to make change. She is a Super Hero.

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ArtSoul Spotlight

Comedian Kevon Carter Releases New Music Album

Kevon Carter is most known for his funny videos on social media, music was his first love. Having released his first album a decade ago and composed songs for Bishop Paul S. Morton, Jonathan McReynolds and more over the years, Carter has stepped back into the artist room to release another album titled Finally (I Felt That Music).




While Kevon Carter is most known for his funny videos on social media, music was his first love. Having released his first album a decade ago and composed songs for Bishop Paul S. Morton, Jonathan McReynolds and more over the years, Carter has stepped back into the artist room to release another album titled Finally (I Felt That Music).

The 16-track gospel album has already hit no. 3 on iTunes and Amazon Christian music charts! 

His press release states: The project features tender ballads such as “Through the Pain,”  “You Survived” and “Open Heaven.” There are fast tracks such as “Be Exalted” and the retro groove, “Give Him Praise.” However,  “Check Their Fruit” which is based on Galatians 5:22-23 is getting attention. “It’s a fun song with a message, a real message,” he says. He adds that “Always A Reason” is a simple ballad that explains that there’s always a reason to praise the Lord. “Again” is another fine ballad. “It’s a self-reflective song about the guilt and shame that comes with making poor decisions,” he says. There are also three brief comedic interludes sprinkled throughout the set. 

When God has a calling on your life, it’s hard to ignore it. Believe it or not, Carter had no intentions of being a comedian but he stumbled upon a way to combine the talent with his passion for music. 

“I decided to do a funny song about vocal runs to post on Facebook. I knew nothing about making videos online. When I posted the video, it went viral. I started getting so many friend requests that my personal page reached the max to accept friends,” he says. “After going viral,  I decided to do another video weeks later and that video also produced thousands of views. People would comment about how much they enjoyed the skits, and they encouraged me to do more and so I did.  As I kept going, I slowly began to see that the comedy and humor was also a ministry.”

Take a listen to Kevon Carter’s Finally album below. Then, keep scrolling to take a look at some of his funny videos. 






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Hillsong United’s New Visual for Single “Whole Heart” Is Like A Prayer for Australia



Photo: Shutterstock

Hillsong United recently dropped their latest visual for their single “Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)”.  The video was recorded live at Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference in Sydney, Australia. This is the perfect song for much of Australia as they are still in recovery mode in many areas and still dealing with new fires, deaths and more in other areas.

Bushfires have burned millions of acres across Australia in recent weeks, killing an estimated 1 billion animals and more than 20 people. The entire country is asking and praying for help during this time.

If you have never travelled to Australia, it could be easy to forget its size. Being almost 3 million square miles (which is roughly the size of the U.S. mainland), a large portion of the country has not been affected by the fires and most tourism businesses are still open. While that is good news for the areas not effected by the fires, many have been moved by compassion to give back to those who are currently being effected. Even Hollywood is getting involved.

Elton John and other artists and actors/actresses with ties to the country have been giving money to help fix the massive destruction that has been caused in the areas effected. John himself recently stated, “the plight of the animals and lost of their habitat” was “on a biblical scale and heartbreaking”.



Fire fighters were recently welcomed in Sydney Australia with applause! A well deserved welcome for the brave men and women who are helping to save the areas effected by these devastating fires. Our prayers are with everyone effected by this tragedy. During times like this, it’s encouraging to have artists like Hillsong United consistently releasing music that continues to inspire and bring hope in the midst of dark times. Scroll down to hear the full latest album from Hillsong United.



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