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Dee-1 is reaching new heights in his career! His most recent win was performing at the Staples Center in LA! He first made the surprise announcement on instagram while getting his fans involved asking them to help choose which songs he should perform. The announcement came shortly after he shared his concerns on instagram about having anxiety concerning his coming tour which is now only a couple weeks away. 

Dee-1’s transparency about anxiety did take some of his fans by surprise, but overall they welcomed his honesty and replied only with high praise and excitement regarding the coming tour!

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Some might think that Dee-1’s recent nervousness could be coming from the fact that he is now a fully independent artist. But, according to Dee, while he may experience nerves from time to time when touring, he continues to express his excitement to continue the pathway of running solo without a label which seems to be offering him more flexibility and options within his career. In addition to opening up for the LA Clippers game, Dee-1 recently facilitated an interview with the mayor of New Orleans where he had the chance to speak with him about Education, Criminal Justice Reform and Healthcare. Dee-1 is the first hip hop artist in New Orleans to interview the governor.

“We need our voice and perspective heard and respected in politics. We have an important election coming up, and I feel like Hip Hop needs to be represented” says Dee-1.
Dee-1 is using his platform to encourage those within the Hip Hop community to show up to the polls when it’s time.

It’s clear that Dee-1 is focused on more than just packed out shows. He really wants to continue to make a difference in his community and in our culture as a whole. He’s going hard in purpose and it’s working for him! This fall, he has performed on stage at the Black Music Honors during a tribute to Speech and Arrested Development (a pioneer of positive rap in hip hop culture). He toured his hometown bringing Opioid awareness to students and the community. He announced a giveaway in partnership with SallieMae offering over 200,000 for one lucky student. He also appeared on Hot 97 and has been seen rubbing arms with a number of high profile figures in entertainment.
He seems to be living out the lyrics to one of his most popular song: “I know God’s got a plan for me. I don’t know what it is, I’m just out here trying to handle my biz.”

In 2016, Dee spoke to JET Magazine about his purpose:
“I definitely see myself as more of a teacher than a rapper. I feel like a revolutionary. I know that I’m going against the grain, and I’m attempting to eradicate a lot of things that have been wrong with society and the music industry through my walk and my musical catalog. I’m actually using rap to get my message out there.”
Dee-1 is continuing the legacy of positive hip hop in both Christian and non-Christian areas and along with a lot of hard work, he’s having fun along the way! “Whatever it is you love to do in life, just do it!” says, Dee-1.  “Do it for the love. Do it before you get paid for it. Perfect your craft and get great at it! With God in the mix and you’re doing something you’re talented to do, you’ll get there!”

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