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It’s our joy and passion to be there when you need us: as a friend, as part of your family, as someone to share your joys and trials. It is our hope that when you turn us up, you are encouraged in some way!  Whether you’re just looking for a new sound, or you’re looking for a little inspiration, we are here.  When you’re troubled, we want to make things a little better.  When you need a laugh, we hope to put a smile on your face.  If we’ve ever done these things for you, our mission is being accomplished. We invite you to join us as we continue all that we do through your financial gifts.

Your gift will not only enable us to continue providing quality content more consistently, but it will also aid us in upgrading our Internship Program which offers class credit and industry experience for college students.

Your gift will also go towards the start of our Youth Mentorship Program.  In this program, youth will be provided with opportunities to gain skill-sets that can easily transfer into the everyday work-place.  They will be trained in professional skill sets and have the opportunity to partake in community outreach projects through our partnerships with a variety of nonprofit organizations and schools throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond.

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