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L3XDIVINE ‘speaks up’ on New mixtape



Indie rapper, L3XDIVINE is back with a new project, Speak Up Girl I Can’t Hear You. 

For this project, L3XDIVINE salutes women in music who came before her while assserting her own identity as an artist and as a believer.

The larger scope of the message surrounding the mixtape is her passion for women’s equality, informed not by culture but by her Christian perspective and scripture. She explains this in-depth on Instagram with a promo video for the mixtape:

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Speak Up Girl I Can’t Hear You” Mixtape out now! Link in Bio Though I am not a feminist, I do stand unified in the idealism of equality amongst the sexes. I stand in morality, in humility, but also in indignation as a woman who is cultivated in right and wrong. Due to a man's inability to empathize, I exchanged my desire to speak out with passive aggression as a coping mechanism for the countless injustices I saw and felt towards my very own, women. Inferiority challenged every bone in my body. It bursted my lips, cuffed my hands, and slammed me on the hood of car for walking in gray areas that I knew were simply black and white. I was harassed by power tripping belligerents who followed me home after I've stated my disinterest in knowing them intimately and they worked aggressively to intimidate my weaker frame with an end goal of submission. Men have gazed upon us but they did not see our strength. Men have heard us but only our pitches. The sphere of the man and the sphere of the woman are often cynically contrasted, meanwhile our parallels are overlooked just like sexism. There is a divide and we must be met in the middle. Not with compassion, and not with empty promises, but with understanding and with actions that leads to change.

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She puts various icons on display— women who’ve made their mark across indusries as gamechangers, leaders and influencers; from the cover art to the strategically selected samples from MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot and more.

This project really takes you on a ride sonically, lyrically and conceptually.  The flow L3XDIVINE brings to each song is exceptional and her vocals are always pristine.

Be sure to check out the full mixtape via Bandcamp here.

While available for name your price purchase, it directly supports L3XDIVINE rather than pays for the download.

Speak Up Girl I Can’t Hear You   Tracklist

MC Lyte Sample                       [Lyte As A Rock]

Paper Clip                                 [Paper Thin Inst.]

Sum’n Like A 16                        [Erick B. Rakim Paid in Full]

Blah/ Missy Sample               [Hot Boyz Inst.]

Rapsody /Missy Sample        [Vlad Interview/ The Rain Inst.]

Queen Latifah Sample           [U.N.I.T.Y]

Worth It All                             [Mad Lib/ Erykah B. Healer Inst.]

Carnality Duality                    [Prod. OffBeatNinja /Little Dragon]

Little Simz Sample                  [Music By Illuid Haler]

Do That Sample                      [UNITY Inst.]

High                                         [Kaytranda Sharpness ]

Wondagurl Sample               [BET Doc.]

Elastic Girl                            [Prod By. Wondagurl]

Never Freed Us                    [Prod. By Luqas 1913]

Never Freed Us Pt.2             [L3XDIVINE Speaks]

Drowning                              [Prod By. AWCCBEATS]




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EJ Jackson is back with his first promotional single of 2020! His latest single features Hip Hop artist 1K Phew of Reach Records and is now available worldwide! EJ Jackson is a prolific talent all on his own, but has shared the stage with other greats such as PJ Morton, Mali Music and many more. ArtSoul Radio had the opportunity to speak with EJ Jackson briefly about this latest single release and his musical journey.


1) ARTSOUL: How long have you been singing and writing music?

EJ JACKSON: I was always a singer. I’ve been singing ever since the age of 3. Started writing heavily in my teenage years. Been releasing music ever since 2013. However, I can truly say that 7 years later (in my mid twenties) I know exactly what I want to say.


2) ARTSOUL: What was the inspiration behind this song?

EJ JACKSON: “On My Grind” is a song addressing anybody and everybody that has ever doubted or questioned my movement thus far. I wrote the song back in June 2018 along with some of my other popular songs like “Back Around” ft ELHAE which is currently sitting at 1 million streams. At that time my team and I were just pushing out hit after hit.



3) ARTSOUL: It’s not easy to get an artist like 1KPhew on your track. How did that happen?

EJ JACKSON: It was crazy! I had a rap on the second verse but I wanted to take things a step further. We sent it over to Lecrae’s camp and they played it for Phew and he was messing with it. When they sent his draft over I was blown away. He really did his thing.


4) ARTSOUL: How did it feel to see Lecrae shouting you out for your new single?

EJ JACKSON: That was huge! Definitely a milestone in my career. It means a lot to me. That man has Grammys! (Laughs) I mean, he’s done all this crazy stuff with Ty Dolla $ign and Tori Kelly….. the list goes on and on! He’s one of the ones that are pushing faith to mainstream and I support it 100%.


5) ARTSOUL: What can we expect from you next? 

EJ JACKSON: I have a lot of music in the vault. Working on some more collaborations as we speak. I’ll definitely be dropping before the year is out for sure. Keep your eyes and ears open.


EJ Jackson continues to make heads turn with his rich and soulful sound. With his versatility and skillfulness, he has no limits! We’re excited to see what’s next for this independent artist. Scroll down to see his shout out from Lecrae and to learn how to stay connected with him on social media. More music from this artist is coming soon, so be sure to stay connected!



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