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NEW PODCAST INTERVIEW: Sam Collier of “A Greater Story” Interviews Ken Costa



Tune in today to hear one of Sam Collier’s most recent interviews featuring Young National Influencer, Tevin Lucas on “A Greater Story”. Tevin is a talented athlete and the founder of The Hope and Love Tour. They have reached over 200,000 young people in a year around the idea of suicide and mental illness. Tevin shares the story of how we went from a promising athlete who was told that he would one day be paralyzed. Today, in addition to becoming the founder of “The Hope and Love Tour”, Tevin is now walking and has also become a spiritual advisor for some of Country music’s biggest stars. If you’re curious to hear the story in between, tune in below! Tevin’s story is inspirational and a testament to the fact that doctors do not have to have the final word. Listen to hear how God made the difference in his life and in his story.

Tune in below!


A GREATER STORY: Full Interview Featuring Tevin Lucas

Tune in right here on to hear more from “A Greater Story” with Sam Collier every Wednesday at 2&5pm CST/ 3&6pmEST  and Sundays at 10am CST/11am EST.

Hope and Love Tour Promo:

Learn more about “The Hope and Love Tour” here:



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ArtSoul Spotlight

ArtSoul Radio Introduces The “Praise Hands Podcast” w/ Robby Valderrama



The Praise Hands Podcast is one of the newest podcasts being featured on the ArtSoul Radio platform. This podcast is about Creative and Cross-Cultural Christianity, and is hosted by Robby Valderrama. Robby is a nationally respected voice on the American intersection of church, race, music, and economics. With a track record of cultivating multicultural ministries that creatively engage their local communities, Robby’s unique background of music, church ministry, and finance has helped individuals, churches, and organizations across the nation navigate complex issues of culture with ease and confidence.



When he’s not speaking or consulting, he hosts the Praise Hands Podcast, leads the Praise Hands Collective worship group, serves at The Belonging Co, and treasures every moment with his wife Bria Jean and their two daughters.


The inspiration behind the Praise Hands Podcast is all about reconciliation and unity. After moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Nashville, Tennessee, Robby realized that he moved from one of the least churched areas to one of the most churched areas in the country. But along with that positive change, he noticed that he also moved from one of the least racially segregated areas to one of the most racially segregated areas. Nashville is the home of a variety of industries including music, movies, education, a host of church denominations, and publishing. The racial divide surprised him and made him sick to his stomach. He was determined to do something about it. That is when the Praise Hands Podcast was created.


With a spirit of reconciliation, the Praise Hands Podcast counters the segregation through honest conversation about the American intersection of church, race, music, and economics. Additionally, he launched Praise Hands Collective, a multicultural worship expression that brings people together across languages, genres, and denominations. And most recently, he is exploring the creation of a platform to resource diverse worship leaders called



Tune in to every Monday at 12 noon CST and & 7pm CST to hear a new episode from this podcast. What exactly is “Creative, Cross-Cultural Christianity”? The episode below answers that question and explains why it’s needed. Tune in and be sure to sound off your thoughts in the comment section!





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