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New Video: Jonathan McReynolds Releases New Medley That Reminds Us to Try




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Jonathan McReynolds recently brought together his throwback single “No Gray” along with one of his latest singles “Try” to create a new medley and message that reminds us to “Try”. The medley was featured towards the end of a live performance where Jonathan and his team presented the new single “Try” for the first time. The single can be found on McReynolds’ “Make Room” album. Catch a sample of it below. Then keep scrolling to watch the full performance of the single live during McReynold’s first official live recording in Chicago.

If you’re new to this artist, keep scrolling to check out a few bonus videos we think you’ll like!


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Watch the Full Video for New Single “Try”



“Not Lucky, I’m Loved”



“God Is Good”

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Chicago Native CHH Artist Crosses Over to Mainstream, & Debuts Single “Marvelous Things” on Power92 FM

Art Soul



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To build anticipation for his upcoming EP “Psalms In The Midst”, CHH artist and Chicago based record label owner, Leland Philpot is soon to release his new single “Marvelous Things”! Leland’s single has already crossed over from the CHH world to mainstream by debuting on Chicago’s own Power 92 FM Radio. It is also now available on all streaming outlets.


Leland recently spoke to us about why he believes this song has been so impactful:

Marvelous Things” is powerful. Point. Blank. Period. It’s a song written from a sincere place of reflection, pain, and overcoming. By its authenticity and straightforwardness, his message rings clear… God has done “Marvelous Things”, and his mercy endures forever.

Marvelous Things” to me is one of those songs that will perk you up INSTANTLY! You’re having a tough day, you’ve been having a rough week… put this song on! It’ll make you feel better lol. And the fact that it’s being picked up by the radio is already huge for me… seeing as I come from the open mid scene in Chicago. I hope “Marvelous Things” hits the spot for anyone who hears! “- Leland


Every song from Lelands coming EP “Psalms In The Midst” is entirely self-produced and engineered. With a degree in audio engineering, as well as 14 years of production under his belt, Leland Philpot is poised to become a quickly emerging new face in music. He owns his own record label, BabelScatter Productions, with the goal to make good music that promotes the love of Christ, as well as innovates in the current trends of hip-hop/rap as a whole.

Leland’s music has already been making waves in both FM and Online Radio. During the start of the Quarantine due Covid19, Leland’s single and accompanying video went viral leaving followers feeling encouraged during a time of isolation and uncertainty.


In addition to gathering new streaming fans, FM and Online Radio also caught on to the wave leaving them with nothing but good things to say about his music. Read what they had to say below:

“Chicago has a history of birthing passionate and talented conscious rappers. Leland is one we think you should know!” – ArtSoul Radio

“Philpot has a lot planned for 2020 and if this beat is any indication it is going to be great. He recently told us that “THIS is the time to go hard as you can for your destiny, alright? …and it is clear that this is exactly what he is doing.” – The Deli Chicago

“Philpot drops dope abstract lyricism over a fun instrumental. He reps Christ on the track. Makes you press rewind.” – Paul Martinez, Jam The Hype

“My music is Unabashedly Christian, Spiritual, and Hip-Hop, BabelScatter’s eclectic sound aims to impact as well as encourage. The term I’ve coined for myself is “Holy Ghost filled jazz pop avant-guardian hip-hopper”… it sums it up pretty close, but it’s still WAY too long.”
– Lelan Philpot

Leland is just getting started and is already making waves in and outside of CHH Faith based music. His messages of hope and positivity along with his natural joyous charisma is clearly striking a chord with a wide audience. Keep following him. He’s an artist that we think you should know!



Instagram | Twitter |Facebook |YouTube | BabelScatter YouTube Page


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ArtSoul Spotlight

Koryn Hawthorne Releases Video For New Single “Speak To Me”

Art Soul



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Koryne Hawthorne debuted her latest video for her single “Speak To Me” during the Stellar Awards which she Co-hosted along with Jonathan McReynolds and Kirk Franklin. If you missed her hosting at the Stellar Awards or still have yet to catch the new video, scroll down! We’ve got you covered!

New Video: “Speak To Me”

Koryn Hawthorne Hosts Stellar Awards

Koryn Hawthorne, Jonathan McReynolds & Kirk Franklin Present Ce Ce Winan’s Tribute To John Lewis

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Dee 1 Talks About Love & The Importance of A “Purpose Partner” In Latest Single

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Summer is ending and fall or “cuffing season” as many call it is upon us! Be careful! This season comes with the temptation to pull someone closer as the weather gets cooler. But, Dee-1 is encouraging us all at the perfect time to remember the importance of not just pulling anyone close to fulfill a temporary need or pleasure. Dee reminds us all that in life, we need more than company and companionship. We need a “Purpose Partner”.

Dee-1 asks the key question in his latest single “Hallelujah”… “Can they help you grow?”

It’s better to spend time growing in God alone than to go from person to person. It’s best to be more purposeful with your time and choices. But, don’t let us tell it. Check out his single below today!

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