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Should Christians Make Secular Music? A Conversation w/ Jam The Hype & The Founder of ArtSoul Radio

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Exploring ideas of creativity, faith and influence in culture.

Art Soul



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ArtSoul Radio’s founder Tamara Young was recently featured in a conversation with the newly revamped platform Jam The Hype. They discussed several controversial topics in the church…

“Should Christians do secular music?”
“How can we really influence culture as Christian artists?”
“How real can we really be as an artist in Christian music (Gospel Music & CHH)?”

Previously a platform that focused on promoting CHH artists, Jam The Hype’s new focus has shifted to now focus on developing urban leaders within the artist community so they can effectively influence urban youth culture to live transformed lives by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As an advocate for creatives and the founder of two creative platforms, Tamara Young carries a strong passion for the promotion, development and guidance of creatives. Not only is she the founder of this platform ArtSoul Radio, but she is also the lead Founder of the ArtSoul Creatives Network which is a network that is designed to give creatives access to community and exclusive resources & benefits that will help them thrive.

In the video below, she speaks to the truth of many artists often believing that they need to choose between their creativity and their faith. In today’s controversial talk, she poses the question “Would artists need to choose if they knew they could do both in a way that still honors their faith?” This question which led to many other questions and ideals such as secularism, human expression, and more set the stage for a great conversation between her and the hosts of Jam The Hype. This has been an ongoing topic among creatives in faith based communities. Tune in below as they tackle these issues and as always leave your comments!


Jam The Hype now exists to develop urban leaders within the artist community, so that together we can effectively influence urban youth culture to live transformed lives by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


For those who have followed Jam The Hype over the years, you may have noticed that the platform has changed. Previously a space for promoting Christian hip hop artists, it is now a space for development. Under the umbrella of Urban Youth Workers Institute (UYWI), the Jam The Hype platform now exists to develop urban leaders within the artist community, so that together they can effectively influence urban youth culture to live transformed lives by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Our desire is to take our under-developed artists and creators and provide them the tools, information, and motivation to become Godly urban leaders first and artists second. We want to walk the journey with these artists much like and Artist & Repertoire would do with new artists at record labels. This transformation will be led by a new video podcast series created by our new JTH Senior Content Editor, George Moss.”

ArtSoul Radio is a 24/7, online Christian Radio Station and Entertainment news site promoting new and diverse sounds in Christian music! We highlight both indie and mainstream artists in Contemporary Gospel, Pop, Soul, Hip-Hop, Alternative, and Spoken Word Poetry.

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ArtSoul Spotlight

Spoken Word Poet Taijun Speaks On The Black Experience w/ New Piece

Art Soul



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2020 put a spotlight on racism in America as the world came to a stop due to the Covid19 pandemic. The silence that the pandemic brought made it impossible to ignore that racism is the age old pandemic that America has been living with for generations.

Video after video has flooded social media this year of Black men and women dying at the hands of police officers and/or being effected by race related incidents in other various ways. It’s easy for everyone to wonder… “How are we really doing in America?”. It’s easy to wonder “Are we growing”, or “Do our Black friends and family members feel safe”?

On November 21st, Spoken word poet Taijun Waters put a voice to the Black Man’s Experience with the release of his recent poem “I Wonder”; and the world has been listening.

When speaking about the inspiration behind writing this poem, Taijun’s “why” is clear. He wanted to express his feelings and offer clarity to those who don’t know what it’s like to live the Black Experience everyday.

“I penned this spoken word from deep curiosity about the world around me. This poem shares the fragility, confidence, and the wonders of having black skin. I hope it inclines a listening ear from anyone looking to understand, and reminds any black sister/brother in this time to feel loved & unafraid.”


As Taijun comes to a close of his poem, he says “…and I still rather be Black”. This is a mantra of resilience and self love that he wants everyone living in the Black experience to take away from his poem.

He recently released new hoodies to promote this movement of Black Self Love. Check out his full poem released on November 21st and get a hoodie to remind others that despite the challenges and hardships that Black communities have had to endure, “Black is and will always be Beautiful”.


Born and raised on the southside of Chicago, Taijun Waters is an artist who has many ways of sharing his thoughts and ideas.

Growing up listening to hip-hop and exploring literature, Taijun began to write poetry at a young age. By the time Taijun entered college, film was also a major area of focus.Thus, now, he chooses poetry + film as an avenue to share his thoughts and observations on life.

Taijun often infuses wisdom and truth into overlooked gray-areas of societal dilemmas and self-image.

His hope is to invoke emotionally healthy conversations on real life topics.


Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Website

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New Music

Dee Wilson Releases “Stay With Me” ft. Fatai and Gifts Listeners with a Reassuring Reminder




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On November 13th, Dee Wilson released “Stay With Me” featuring Australian Singer/Songwriter Fatai on all platforms. This song provides a reassuring reminder to listeners that whatever you are going through, God hears you, He understands and He cares. It also gives artists a reminder that they can find creative ways to collaborate in the midst of a pandemic. Check it out below!

Stream “Stay With Me”

Follow them on Instagram: @deewilsonlive | @fatai

Click here to watch “Stay With Me”!

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XL Boot Camp Carves a Lane for Christian Women Creatives: Coming Oct 24th

Art Soul



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XL Boot Camp is a new conference by ARTSO INDULGE; a female owned business that is carving a lane for Christian Women creatives who are seasoned Music Professionals, Media & Visual Artist Professionals and more! This is a time for them to come unite in a space where they will be provided w/ resources and guidance regarding navigating the Entertainment Industry!

On October 24th, some of the most influential and powerhouse Christian creatives will share their expertise in XL (Excel) Boot Camp, a creative workshop for Christian women creatives who specialize in music, media, and visual arts.

Boot Camp speakers include Filmmaker, Christina Faith; recording artist, Wande; Content Creator, Glen ‘Beleaf’ Henry; Musician and Content Creator, Ruslan Karaoglanov; Digital Brand Specialist, Neesh Rose (client roster: Yandy Smith, Mz. Skittles, etc.) and many more.

While XL was originally planned as as in-person bootcamp, event organizer and ARTSO Indulge CEO & Founder, Trisha Bell reimagined the experience to virtually expose resources and tools to help Christian women excel in their artistry and the music industry.

“Our goal is to build a strong community amongst female artists and those that support them by providing a place for photographers, musicians, visual artists, digital content creators, labels, and anyone with a
hand in the music industry to network and build professional bridges that benefit women,” Bell said.”

This full-day virtual boot camp will guide attendees through the nitty-gritty of creating press kits, publishing, songwriting, and registering with a Performing Rights Organization, sync licensing and more
to assist in developing their craft and building out their portfolio.
In addition to the boot camp, the XL Creator’s Contest allows for music, media, and visual arts creatives to submit an entry for the opportunity to receive $500 towards varied brand expanding opportunities.

The submission deadline is Monday, October 19th.
For more information about XL Boot Camp, visit


This event is being sponsored by two other Female Christian owned businesses that include ArtSoul Radio and Femendous. Other major sponsors include Rapzilla, Sphere of Hip Hop, RMG and RMG Amplified.

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