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Multi-talented American Spoken Word Artist and Midwest Prevention Advocate Taijun Waters recently released his new poetry video titled “Vultures” and it’s sure to make a powerful impact. Vultures promises to exceptionally impact lives through combining witty poetry and gripping cinematography.

In his latest piece, Taijun un-layers the dark truths of growing up in a pornographic society that has an influence on boys, men, women, and the church. A sort of “Get Out” for lust and satisfaction. It will challenge the thoughts of the comfortable of dysfunctional society we live in, sensitize our hearts towards the root causes of the #MeToo epidemic, and re-introduce the Gospel to areas often unspoken in manhood and womanhood.

Taijun Waters spoke on his inspirations as a creative (director, poet, and artist), “I’m passionate about impacting the world around me where it matters… My passion has always been to use poetry, music, and film to let the loner know that they are not alone; comfort the hurting heart; challenge the thoughts of the comfortable, and re-introduce God as the friend who sticks closer than a brother in all areas of life.”

Vocationally Waters is currently a Prevention Advocate for sex trafficking, and is a listed speaker at an international conference this month. He trains and empowers youth, staff, and organizations in the Midwest to prevent sex trafficking and exploitation. From all that stated, we’re excited to see so much passion for sexual injustices from a man’s perspective – along with the creativity and wit that carries this project as a whole.



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