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Yvonne Orji Lands Book Deal For New Faith Based Advice Book “Bamboozled By Jesus”



Yvonne Orji is a Nigerian-American actress, comedienne and writer who is best known as one of the stars of HBO’s critically acclaimed comedy series Insecure. She made her feature film debut in September of 2018 as apart of the film Universal’s Night School alongside Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish. She is also the co-host of the podcast Jesus & Jollof alongside Luvvie Ajayi.

Most recently, she landed a book deal for her new book which is a faith-based advice book titled “Bamboozled by Jesus”. In this book, she uses a modern-day Biblical blueprint to candidly and humorously share the twists and turns that led her to success—and to inspire and empower readers to live their best lives. Yvonne Orji has never shied away from being unapologetically herself, and that includes being outspoken about her faith.


Because of that, she is often questioned about how she navigates her career when playing roles that are sometimes polar opposite to who she is and what she believes. Yvonne doesn’t hold back with her responses to those questions. In an interview with NBC, we see her speaking up quickly but each time unashamedly holding on to her faith while explaining how she believes her faith has directed her in this pathway and how she’s currently making it work.

A distinguished stand-up comedian, Yvonne has opened for Chris Rock on various stops on his Total Blackout Tour. Yvonne is also known for her inspiring TED Talk, in which she discusses factors that make for a healthy relationship.

Tamara is the founder of ArtSoulRadio.com and a contributor for Ebony/Jet Magazine and other publications. She also works in TV/Film production and has a strong passion for the arts, community outreach, teaching and working with the youth. Learn more at www.tamarallyoung.com and follow her on social media.

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Todd Dulaney Sings Psalms 18 (Live at World Harvest Church)



Todd Dulaney recently broke into spontaneous worship live at World Harvest Church. In between songs, Todd opened his Bible to Psalm 18 and began to sing the words of the verse to the music the musicians were playing. Watch what happened below!



After an injury, this former professional baseball player made the decision to use his gift of music to change lives and hasn’t looked back since. He has worked hard and had quite the journey to where he is today. Once an independent artist, now signed to E-One Gospel in Nashville with a slew of award nominations including both Stellar and Grammy awards, he seems to remain more clear than ever on his purpose.

Todd recently shared a piece of that purpose with RollingOut Magazine in March of this year saying,

“It’s important to me to do more than just sing,” Dulaney said. “This whole thing that we’re doing right now, recording in Africa, It’s a movement. It’s more than just singing music. We want people to really believe again so our songs, they’re doing more than just exciting the crowds and making people dance. We want to make sure that we are leaving people with an experience, a full experience so they can go back home and think and say, “man, am I really believing God or am I singing the songs or bopping my head?’ So that was really important that we put that testimony in there so we can really spark faith.” 



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Dee-1 Performs at Staples Center in LA & Says “Do What You Love”



Dee-1 is reaching new heights in his career! His most recent win was performing at the Staples Center in LA! He first made the surprise announcement on instagram while getting his fans involved asking them to help choose which songs he should perform. The announcement came shortly after he shared his concerns on instagram about having anxiety concerning his coming tour which is now only a couple weeks away. 

Dee-1’s transparency about anxiety did take some of his fans by surprise, but overall they welcomed his honesty and replied only with high praise and excitement regarding the coming tour!

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Dee-1 (@dee1music) on


Some might think that Dee-1’s recent nervousness could be coming from the fact that he is now a fully independent artist. But, according to Dee, while he may experience nerves from time to time when touring, he continues to express his excitement to continue the pathway of running solo without a label which seems to be offering him more flexibility and options within his career. In addition to opening up for the LA Clippers game, Dee-1 recently facilitated an interview with the mayor of New Orleans where he had the chance to speak with him about Education, Criminal Justice Reform and Healthcare. Dee-1 is the first hip hop artist in New Orleans to interview the governor.

“We need our voice and perspective heard and respected in politics. We have an important election coming up, and I feel like Hip Hop needs to be represented” says Dee-1.
Dee-1 is using his platform to encourage those within the Hip Hop community to show up to the polls when it’s time.

It’s clear that Dee-1 is focused on more than just packed out shows. He really wants to continue to make a difference in his community and in our culture as a whole. He’s going hard in purpose and it’s working for him! This fall, he has performed on stage at the Black Music Honors during a tribute to Speech and Arrested Development (a pioneer of positive rap in hip hop culture). He toured his hometown bringing Opioid awareness to students and the community. He announced a giveaway in partnership with SallieMae offering over 200,000 for one lucky student. He also appeared on Hot 97 and has been seen rubbing arms with a number of high profile figures in entertainment.
He seems to be living out the lyrics to one of his most popular song: “I know God’s got a plan for me. I don’t know what it is, I’m just out here trying to handle my biz.”

In 2016, Dee spoke to JET Magazine about his purpose:
“I definitely see myself as more of a teacher than a rapper. I feel like a revolutionary. I know that I’m going against the grain, and I’m attempting to eradicate a lot of things that have been wrong with society and the music industry through my walk and my musical catalog. I’m actually using rap to get my message out there.”
Dee-1 is continuing the legacy of positive hip hop in both Christian and non-Christian areas and along with a lot of hard work, he’s having fun along the way! “Whatever it is you love to do in life, just do it!” says, Dee-1.  “Do it for the love. Do it before you get paid for it. Perfect your craft and get great at it! With God in the mix and you’re doing something you’re talented to do, you’ll get there!”

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Culture News

Kanye Announces New Collab W/ Dr. Dre & Launches New Biblical Opera Production



Kanye West and Dre. Dre recently announced they are working on a sequel to West’s latest albumJesus Is King Part II. Both West and Dre have worked with other huge names in hip-hop including JAY-Z and Nas, but this will be the first time they have worked together so closely. Kanye has always been vocal about his appreciation for Dre, who is widely regarded as one of the most influential hip hop artists in history.


“I first met Dre in December of 2003. He asked me to produce a track for The Game,” West said. “At first I was star-struck, but within 30 minutes I was begging him to mix my next album. He’s the definition of a true talent: Dre feels like God placed him here to make music, and no matter what forces are aligned against him, he always ends up on the mountaintop.”


This announcement was followed by Kaye also announcing the launch of his first  Biblical opera production, “Nebuchadnezzar” which is directed by Vanessa Beecroft, an Italian British performance artist who has worked on and off with West since 2008. The two artists previously teamed up on his “808s & Heartbreak” album experience at Ace Gallery in Los Angeles, “Runaway” music video and the Yeezus tour, among other projects.

The opera is scheduled to take place Sunday, November 24th in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl. The performance is named after and ancient Babylon King and will feature music from Kanye’s Sunday Service Series.



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