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Did you know that a staggering 92 percent of people that set New Year’s goals never actually achieve them? That’s according to research by the University of Scranton. Many of us start off well, then find ourselves stuck. It can be difficult to find our way out. Filmmaker Sway recently completed a documentary entitled “I Lost My Creativity” where he shares his story of how he found his way out of creative limbo and into creative freedom.




After two years of being in a creative limbo, Sway takes us through his life story as an artist. He shares his vulnerability and personal journey up until the exact moment of losing his creativity and the realization that it could be gone forever.

In addition to “I Lost My Creativity” being Sway’s personal story, it is a study on the creative process involving the dynamics of creative limbo and creative freedom. It is an origin story to the short film “Elpida” and serves as an effort to help all creative artists.





Click here to watch this full film:


Once Sway’s process of finding freedom reached its peak, he released his first short film! Appropriately named, the short film is titled “Elpida” which is the Greek word for hope.




This short film tells the story of a young explorer (played by Julia Kuzmenko) who receives a message that leads her on a quest to discover the truth behind her destiny.

“I wanted to take this familiar word (“Elpida”) and explore it in a different way. I challenged myself to create a story and convey a message of hope that would be able to resonate with a broad audience.

Not only on the surface level, but deep inside the minds and hearts of the viewer. It is a story that explores the depths of the human heart through fear, mystery and love.” – Sway



Elpida is Sway’s first official short film which was created along with San Francisco based filmmaker Charlie Espinel. In November, their work was recognized by the Los Angeles FilmAwards.


Click here to watch this full film:

Both films were screened in Chicago presented by ArtSoul Radio where they also featured a panel discussion with the lead Directors of each film to speak about their creative process behind the scenes. The panel also included topics such as Creative Limbo vs Creative Freedom, Mental Health Awareness among artists and more. If you are interested in having a screening in your contact, you can request it here. Watch the recap of that event below:

Follow the hashtags #ArtFaithCreativity and #ArtSoulRadio on instagram for take aways from that event.

Both films were produced by Sway and his personal company Perswayed Films. A full list of contributors for each film is listed at the end of this article.

ABOUT SWAY:Sway (AKA Julio J. Irizarry) is most known for his video work in the Urban Christian community and CHH market. Prior to the release of these films, his most notable work included music videos such as “Same Team” by Swoope which featured KB, Jackie Hill Perry, Taelor Gray, Alex Faith, JGivens, KIDD, Datin, Sho Baraka and more. His work also includes production for Lecrae, Skrip, Andy Mineo, Angie Rose, Preston Perry, and platforms such as Reach Records, Rapzilla, ArtSoul Radio, Ctzn Creative and Streetlights. Learn more about Sway and his work at







Elpida (Short Film)

Lead Actress: Julia Kuzmenko
 Directed by: Julio J. Irizarry (AKA Sway)
Written by: Lilah Jakobsson
 Narrator: Shane Morris
Producer: Charlie Espinel
Assistant Producer: Julia Kuzmenko
 Assistant Producer: Dina Zaitsev Kozlov

Audio Mix & Master: Elias Sepulveda Sound Design: Julio J. Irizarry (AKA Sway)
Color Design: Julio J. Irizarry (AKA Sway)


I Lost My Creativity (Documentary)

Director: Julio J. Irizarry (AKA Sway) Co Director: Eric Hilgers
Associate Producer: Tamara Young
 Production Manager: Tamara Young Set Design/Photography: Laura Lopez Interviewer: Tamara Young

Lighting Design: Matthew Bowie
Audio Mix & Master: Elias Sepulveda Color Grade: Julio J. Irizarry (AKA Sway) Sound Design: Julio J. Irizarry (AKA Sway)
 Editor: Julio J. Irizarry (AKA Sway)
Key Grip: Alonzo Diaz


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