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Tay Collier is back with his new single “Myra”! As usual, Tay is bringing us another banger that includes a soulful vibe with a little trap and quality vocal features. His lyrics remain transparent and heartfelt as he tells the story of God’s love via a familiar metaphor. Read below as he shares the story behind the music and his inspiration for creating the single.
“Growing up I used to watch a show called “family matters” and on the show the main character had a girl friend named Myra, but for some reason would always chase after another girl who wasn’t for him like Myra was. I was so inspired by it that I envisioned writing a song about it when I was younger because in a lot of ways, were like the main character because chase sin (which is not for us, but will kill us) and neglect a loving father God who is always for his people. That’s the heart behind this song. 


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