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Jay-Z And Will Smith To Bring The Story Of Emmett Till to ABC!



After being shelved for four years by HBO, a program about Emmett Till’s story will finally be hitting the airwaves. But it will airing via ABC! Jay-Z and Will Smith have reportedly been tapped to executive produce the series, which will be told from the perspective of Till’s mother, Mamie Till-Mobley.

A Deadline report says the documentary will be women-driven and a part of a civil rights anthology series titled Women of the Movement. It’s slated to center around Till-Mobley reliving the horror of her son’s 1955 Mississippi lynching and be the eight-episode debut season.

After the Netflix hit “When They See Us,” maybe more stories like this will be told on powerful platforms. I don’t know about you, but I am here for all of it! Thanks Jay and Will!


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Tauren Wells Speaks Out About Ahmaud Arbery: Watch Here



Tauren Wells recently spoke out about the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery on instagram. Ahmaud was a Black 25 year old man who was shot while simply jogging in his own neighborhood of Satilla Shores, near the Georgia coast.

Tauren posted a photo of Ahmaud that included the following statement:
“If the roles were reversed, the shooters would be in jail RIGHT NOW. God let justice run like a river. My prayers are with the Arbery family. America, we have a problem. Who will raise their voice? LINK TO PETITION IN MY BIO”

In his video he shares that after speaking out, he lost followers, and received messages from others who didn’t think he should have commented on this issue.

Later the same day, Tauren made a facebook live post sharing why he posted about the incident and why he still stands behind his decision despite losing followers and despite receiving replies from fans who didn’t agree with his position on the issue.

Tauren’s full video reply was everything that we all needed to hear…

View this post on Instagram

#irunwithmaud Link to petition in my bio

A post shared by Tauren Wells (@taurenwells) on



Ahmaud Arbery was a former high school football star who would’ve celebrated his 26th birthday Friday, May 8th.

As reported by several news sources, Ahmaud was known in the neighborhood and would even occasionally wave to his neighbors as he ran. On Sunday, February 23, a series of events transpired that resulted in Ahmaud being shot and killed by Gregory McMichael, 64, and his 34-year-old son, Travis McMichael.

The accused father Gregory McMichael reportedly told police that 25 year old Arbery violently attacked his son. But, the video footage filmed by an anonymous individual and released this week contradicts that claim. Arbery’s parents have now been calling the incident with their son “a modern day lynching in the middle of the day”.

Ahmaud’s Brunswick High School football coach and history teacher Jason Vaughn had the following to say about Ahmuad:

“Amazing football player, amazing speed…He’s one of those students you don’t forget because his smile was so infectious. His smile made you smile”

To learn more about this case click here to view the full story on CNN.
The Runners World organization and others have come together in protest to run while using the hashtag #irunwithmaud to spread more aware awareness to this case until the accused are held accountable. Click here to learn how you can get involved.

Our prayers are with the family of Ahmaud Arbery as we also continue to pray for more change in our nation. Prejudice and racism must end. Join us in prayer and continue to be the change you want to see. #irunwithmaud


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Ciara and Russell Williams Donate 1 Million Meals to Seattle Area During Corona Outbreak



Ciara and her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson are donating one million meals to Seattle Food Lifeline to support their community during the coronavirus outbreak. They made an announcement Tuesday evening on Twitter  sharing their goal to help those affected by the coronavirus outbreak in the Seattle area and encouraged others to both donate and to continue to practice social distancing.

In their one-minute video posted to Twitter, the couple announced that they’re partnering with Seattle’s Food Lifeline, an organization that distributes food to more than 300 food banks, shelters and meal programs throughout Western Washington.

Western Washington has been hit the hardest in the US so far by the coronavirus outbreak. So, this donation is coming to the perfect area at a great time of need. The Associated Press has listed Washington as having the highest number of fatalities in the U.S. at this time. We plan to continue to keep this area along with the entire nation and world in prayer during this time.  We will also continue to celebrate stories like this showing the power of kindness and giving back that are happening within our nation and the world. So, comment below or send us your story ideas. In a time like this, there’s always room for good news. Shoutout to Ciara and Russel for being two of the many taking the lead on moves like this!



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Usher Sings “Amazing Grace” As Tribute to Kobe Bryant

Usher recently sang a heart felt tribute to Kobe at the Staples Center. Players and attendees listened while a collage of memories played on the score board screens.

Sung in true Usher style, he followed up the classic hymn with his own impromtu rendition of the song. Watch it in full below here…



It has only been almost one full week since the world started mourning the passing of Kobe Bryant, GiGi and the others who recently lost their lives. Our prayers continue for all of the connected families and loved ones of each life represented as many continue to find their way to healing.

Usher recently sang a heart felt tribute to Kobe at the Staples Center. Players and attendees listened while a collage of memories played on the score board screens.

Sung in true Usher style, he followed up the classic hymn with his own impromtu rendition of the song. Watch it in full below:


Usher Sings “Amazing Grace”

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