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El Paso native, Khalid, announced Monday (Aug. 5) plans to hold a benefit concert in September for the victims of the El Paso shooting. On Saturday morning (Aug. 3) 22 people were tragically killed after 21-year-old Patrick Crusius drove more than nine hours from North Texas for the planned attack.

Khalid has been very expressive on twitter as he has been reflecting on the recent incident happening so close to home. Like many, he seems to still be processing what happened. On August 5th he sent the following tweet:
“Over the past few days, my mind and heart have been heavy. Hearing/seeing an act of terrorism happen so close to home, my family, and my friends has been unbelievable and shocking. Singing “915” and “city of El Paso” on tour every night feels indescribable”


The concert is scheduled to take place at Don Haskins Arena in El Paso on Sept. 1. All of the proceeds from the concert will go to families of those affected by the shooting. Khalid, a 21 year old native from the area has great love for his city. This isn’t the first time he has worked to give back to the area. He also owns “The Great Khalid Foundation” which highlights programs for children such as music education programs, scholarship awards, community partnerships and gift giveaways. Click here to learn more about that foundation.

CNN reported that police found an anti-immigrant document exposing white nationalist and racist views, which they believe have been written by Crusius. He if likely to face hate crime charges in addition to capital murder for his crime.



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