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NEW Video: Aasha Marie releases “WYWS” Visual



Aasha Marie’s brand new visual for “WYWS,” which stands for While You Were Sleeping, released today and was certainly worth the wait.

Anticipation has been building since she revealed the release date for the single and visual last month.

The Chicago rapper has been busy promoting the video for the past few months and finally the new video is here!  The attention to detail and realism that was captured visually was reminiscent of a movie, which isn’t farfetched given it’s director and filmmaker Sanicole.

Aasha describes the turbulent landscape of her hometown Chicago by channeling her angst and emotions into captivating rap verses.

Bodies in the street/ I was up while you were sleeping/ I lost count of bodies/ piling up while you were keeping/the truth that will set free, she raps.

The creative video coupled with hard hitting lyrics make “WYWS” impactful and replay worthy.

Learn more about Aasha and check out more of her music and videos here.



Watch the “WYWS” Here

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Chicago artists

ArtSoul Radio Reviews CW Allen’s The Dream Baby Part II



The Cleveland, Ohio native that has relocated to Chicago, Illinois has put out a new EP that is a continuation of “The Dream Baby” series. In the first Dream Baby EP, we had a chance to learn about CW’s perspective of the Christian HipHop Community, his love for God, and also his continued abundant love for his wife. CW has never shied away from giving his fans a taste of his personal life and inner thoughts. This is exactly what he delivers once again in “The Dream Baby Part II.

Listening to the new EP you will automatically be consumed by beats that will hit you right in the soul, lyrics that are honest, and an overall message that shares the heartbeat of CW Allen and his current life.

Recently CW and his wife got news that they were having a baby girl and just like any other great artist CW, decided to cherish the moment with a song called Everything. This is a song that you will enjoy because CW gets very intimate with us on his thoughts of having a baby girl and not a baby boy.

Another heavy hitting song on CW’s latest EP is Bad Dreams. In Bad Dreams we get an opportunity to walk with CW as he navigates dealing with the loss of a close family member. The music video illustrates what took place and how his younger cousin passed away so suddenly.

Watch Bad Dreams Music Video Here :

Need More Dream Baby Part II?

You can stream and listen to the complete project on all major digital music platforms. If this review has inspired you to take a listen to CW’s latest work leave us a comment below so we can hear about your experience.

Highlighted Lyrics :

So much death in my view I don’t know where to start. I just take it all in but really it tars me apart.






Stay updated on CW Allen here :

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website 

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Aasha Marie drops new song “Punch”



The sweet sounds that ooze out of this summer time hit is incredible! From the bouncing subtle bassline to the free flowing piano keys. This song possesses so much beauty it’s unbelievable. Aasha Marie, the Chicago born rapper, songwriter, musician, and producer really took charge when adding another classic to her blossoming collection.

The premise of her song “Punch,” is to illustrate the frustrations she battles at her full time day job. Being an independent artist can be very tasking. Having to be your own manager, creative director, booking agent, investor, and sometimes even promoter can definitely pile up on one artist. Most independent artists like Aasha Marie, have to work a day job to pay not only personal bills, but for studio time, beats, recording sessions, photoshoots, music videos, and artwork for each musical project. 

Even though it is a lot of work in the beginning stages, the artists who make it big are the ones who remain consistent and keep pumping out quality music. Pretty soon we will be saying the same thing about Aasha, as she continues to chase her dream of being a full time artist.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Dr.Martin Luther King , Jr.

What matters to Aasha is her music and how people are impacted by it. She wants to point her audience to Jesus and also share her testimonies with the world. Lately she has been at venues like SoFar Sounds Chicago, Legacy Conference, The Woodlawn , 3:16 City Youth Church, and Wheaton College.

Watch Aasha Marie Perform Punch Live

If you are looking to get this song on your playlist for a nice vacation with loved ones or to play on your commute to work. You can stream and download “Punch,” on all major digital music platforms.

Highlighted Lyrics :

“Punch the clock, get off, get the bag, get in the lab, push pen to the pad, after I, Punch. “


Connect with Aasha Marie Here :

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website



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Justin Martyr Speaks Out On White Man’s Religion



The assumptions and stereotypes of thinking about the “White Man’s Religion” can vary depending on who you speak to. Now when you have the creativity and boldness to speak truth into this topic you start to see those assumptions and stereotypes die out. This is what Chicago based Christian Hip Hop Artist Justin Martyr, has executed in his latest song titled White Man’s Religion. This is the 2nd song he has released leading up into his upcoming project called, NNSM (New Name Same Mission).

In his upcoming project NNSM, you should be expecting a unique blend of genres from boom bap, reggae, and gospel. The first song that was released to kick off this project was Rain Down. The Rain Down music video has hit over 20 thousand views on youtube; while the White Man’s Religion music video is sitting at a nice 11 thousand views currently.

The love and appreciation of Justin Martyrs’ work is not just for show, he truly embodies a man that is running after God’s heart. A quote from his mentor The Ambassador, really helped shape his ministry as a young artist to the seasoned veteran we all are privileged to see today.

The Ambassadors’ Quote : “You want to point people to the one who really is incredible.”

One of many reasons Justin Martyr, stepped into the Christian Hip Hop Community was because of the explicit Christian content he heard from The Ambassador, DA Truth, Flame, Cross Movement, and Lecrae. Hearing the music from these guys inspired him to do the same thing. You can see this is definitely the case  while you listen to White Man’s Religion.


Highlighted Lyrics

“It’s crazy but most people haven’t seen this.

Africa was once home to Jesus.

Matthew 2 Yeshua lived in Egypt

Some haters wish this part of the Bible was deleted. ”


Stay Connected to Justin Martyr here:

Facebook | Instagram | Website | Youtube 



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