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She’s Next: Legacy Conference holds stage for Women in CHH



This Saturday afternoon, July 22nd, attendees of The Legacy Conference held in Chicago will have the opportunity to see the performances of four women in Christian hip-hop on a stage created for them.

Artists scheduled to hit the stage at Legacy Fest include A.I, Aasha Marie, L3XDIVINE, and Mahogany Jones. This new addition to the day-long, outreach driven Legacy Fest has been about a year in the making.


Artist, L3XDIVINE from Las Vegas was inspired to bring women involved in CHH together during the conference last year. She assembled rappers, singers, photographers and graphic designers for an honest conversation. They shared their perspectives on unfortunate truths about the CHH circle, she said.  Her ultimate goal was to create a space for encouragement despite the opposition.




“Even more so, I wanted to find a way to give these ladies a platform and a chance to help break the stigmas and double standards that are placed upon us,” said L3XDIVINE.

That conversation along with her quest to find the often hidden and overlooked women who make CHH music led her to ask Director for The Legacy Conference, Brian Dye for a stage.

L3XDIVINE asked Dye the same year that she gathered the women together but nothing became of it. This year, she says the Lord spoke to her ask again. “I could feel Him all in my heart asking me to reach out to Brian again. I did after being nudged by Him a couple times. Brian responded the same day I reached out,”she said.

After getting the green light from Dye, L3XDIVINE reached out to her “go-to girls” for help.  Among them were her mother and artist Mo’kha Uzuri, ARTSO Founder and CEO, Trisha Bell and Catalina “Cataphant” Bellizzi.

The theme of recognition and support of girls who rap or function in any capacity within CHH was felt at the conference in 2015 via the efforts of Bellizzi. She founded Young Lady, a movement and community for creative women in music, visual art, spoken word and writing. That year she  debuted her organization and sold t-shirts that read, “I Support Girls Who Rap.”

L3XDIVINE was also a former competitor in The Legacy Conference’s annual rap showcase. “That following year two more women became competitors but one specifically said she wouldn’t have done it if she didn’t see me up there that year. It spoke to me and it let me know that “our rarity’ was from a deeper cause,” she said.

I’m so excited to present She’s Next to the people! I’m hoping to truly set a new precedence in CHH.”


For the complete list of performances at the Legacy Fest, see the official site here.  Follow our social media @artsoulradio for live posts at Legacy and check back here artist interviews.


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Chicago artists

The Endurer talks life, pain and faith in new album “The Journey”



Tony Briscoe, The Endurer

Chicago based artist Tony Briscoe AKA The Endurer is a youth minister, award winning spoken word artist, emcee, technologist, and proud husband and father. In preparation for the upcoming debut of his new album entitled The Journey, we got a chance to ask The Endurer about inspiration behind this LP and what we can expect to hear.

ASR: What is the theme of The Journey album?

E: The theme of the album is a heavy focus on sharing my life and victories that always follow a struggle, while at the same time addresses some issues pertinent to our current community and political climate.

ASR: Tell us about the process of putting together the album; any collaborations?

E: The process is a life time of work, but specifically once my wife encouraged me to follow my dreams and don’t worry about failure, it was a three-year process. The main collaboration on this album is the song “Soul Restoration” with the wonderful Alicia “Restore” Spikes. She also designed the CD and cover art for the album.

Tony Briscoe, The Endurer, The Journey album

ASR: You cover some heavy themes in this album, what was your motivation to make songs like “He Loves Me” and “Deliverer”?

E: In “Deliverer,” there’s a line that addresses watching my mother get brutalized in my early childhood. I remember her being beat so bad one night that she couldn’t even put on sunglasses to hide how swollen her face was. That’s [also] the driving force behind “He Loves Me.” “Deliverer” was inspired by Eminem’s “Cleaning Out My Closet.” I was in a really dark place with family at the time; the re-emergence of my biological parents in my adult life and the sibling challenges that often arise in those relationships.

“The Lord gave me a gift of the pen and ‘Deliverer’ is part of that expression and keen insight into who I am.

ASR: Do you have a favorite track on this album?

E: “Soul Restoration” is my favorite because it shares [that] without Jesus Christ I am nothing. Every victory, every failure, everything done to me, everything I’ve done to hurt someone else, the Lord has loved and forgiven. His grace, peace, and mercy have covered me. Without Him, I don’t exist and neither does this album.

ASR: What do you want listeners to get from this album?

E: I want them to get a few things: I want them to see that childhood pain and past mistakes do not have to dictate your future. I want them to see that Christ lives and you can have fun, a craft, and a gift and still be a Christian. I want them to walk away with a sense of seriousness about the issues faced [from] childhood abuse, depression, societal problems, [also] a sense of hip hop that is designed to make your heart think as opposed to making [your] legs dance.

ASR: How do you describe the genre of music that your work is in?

E: That’s a very good question. I have it listed into the Christian Hip Hop category because that’s the core of me. I’m not confined to speak on one issue over the other. People who know my life understand that my faith walk is everything to me. For people that are exposed to my music I want them to know and feel that this guy isn’t just spiritual—he’s a Christian and he makes quality music that will provoke thought and light a fire inside them to expose darkness that has kept them bound.

Indeed The Endurer’s tracks on The Journey album are thought provoking and stirring. The transparency in his lyrics take the listener on a journey of self reflection of what God has brought them through in life.

The Journey album is now available on iTunes!

Listen to The Journey   Here


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Chicago Events

Derek Minor and Canon Are Playing No Games



Reflection Music Group’s Derek Minor and Canon released their newest track and visual entitled, “It’s Not A Game.”

The two are currently on tour, under the same name, but they took a break from their busy schedules to release the new single and it is sure to pump even more energy into their already lively show.

“It’s Not A Game” features Minor and Canon going bar for bar, having fun and speaking truth;

Yea you popping online but are you popping in life, raps Minor.

The It’s Not A Game Tour will run until November 8, ending in Waco, Texas with stops in Chicago, Atlanta, Jacksonville and more in between.

Watch “It’s Not A Game” below and purchase tickets for the It’s Not A Game Tour here.

Watch “It’s Not A Game” Here

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Chicago artists

Derek Minor & Canon Bring the It’s Not A Game Tour to Chicago!




::EVENT NEWS:: [Chicago]  If  you’re in the Chicagoland area, this is for you!  On September 22nd, Derek Minor and Canon are bringing the “It’s Not a Game” tour to the area! Special guests include:  Byron Juane and Chicago based artist TSO.  JMonty will appear as a guest on other tour stops.  Click here for all city dates and make plans to be at the tour stop closest to you!  This is a tour you don’t want to miss.

Scroll down to get tickets and to learn more about each artist!

Event Details

Date:  September 22, 2018

Doors Open:  6:30pm

Event Starts:  8:30pm – 10:30pm

Location:  Victory Outreach Recovery Home – 740 W 59th St. Chicago, IL 60621

Special Guests Include:  Byron Juane, T.S.O, and J. Monty (Scroll down for samples of their music)

Get Tickets Here:

VIP Tickets:  VIP includes a pre-show meet & greet with all artists, games, and finger foods/drinks. One lucky VIP ticket holder will have the chance to play NBA 2K with one of the artists in the tour van.



Derek Minor





Byron Juane


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