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The Blend is more than a talk show, it’s your new circle of sisters



Now more than ever creatives of faith have access to technology and resources to put together programs and build platforms to encourage and inspire, which is what show creator and executive producer LaVonda P. Rouse has done with The Blend, which started as an idea several years ago. The new talk show premiered this fall and towards the wholeness and well being of African American women. We spoke with Rouse about the purpose of the show and what’s in it for viewers.

The Blend seeks to heal the spirit, mind, and body by bringing together a panel of four African-American health & wellness experts for a lively hour that helps viewers live more empowered lives.

“You can feel like you’re talking with your sister circle, laying down the foundation of your journey to wellness,” shared Rouse on the essence of the show. “We can provide you with the tools to become ‘blenders’ to connect and have spaces where you can be comfortable, talk about issues and be accountable for growth. These tools are powerful, they’re impactful and have to be used responsibly.”

The show is hosted by four professional and compassionate women who specialize in different areas of wellness: Dr. Gloria Chance (psychologist) talks about dealing with trauma through creative means like art. Jewel Diamond Taylor (“The Self Esteem Doctor”) is your go-to person for emotional wellness and spiritual faith building. Dr. Tabatha Carr (naturopathic doctor) with alternative methods to wholeness, and Dr. Peace Amadi (psychologist) offers insight to millennials and how social media affects our feelings and behaviors. In addition to these ladies bringing their expertise on everyday topics that affect women, they have special guests, celebrity interviews and engaging segments with experts like fitness guru, Dawn Strozier.

The all African American female cast is a divine blend of ages, backgrounds and perspectives, which is what Rouse wanted to bring to the forefront in media—the African American woman’s voice. Rather than shop The Blend around and wait for a network executive to see the value in it, Rouse chose a web-based show.

“That also allowed me to maintain creative control, retain my rights, and make the series highly accessible. God had graced me to do this. Anything that I do at the end of the day is faith based; I don’t believe it has to be limited. Times have evolved and I didn’t want to be part of a network because I didn’t want to hear: I can’t have black women sitting there, that we can’t talk about Jesus and that I have to give up my rights to the show.”

The show is right on time to discuss the pressing yet popular topics of self care and mental health, but Rouse indicates that The Blend will address what we don’t talk about much: spiritual health. “That’s the direction we should all be moving in and I’m happy that [the discussion on mental health is] happening. We’re contributing to the conversation—reminding people to become aware that they are spiritual beings. God’s original intent for us was to live these spiritual lives and when it’s [Holy Spirit] leading and guiding you, your body carries that out following it. [The show] is done in a familiar way but you’re provided with really good content. Our show will evolve and you will see how the alignment of the spirit, mind and body will be carefully covered in our show’s content.”

Getting to this point in producing the show has been a faith journey for LaVonda P. Rouse. She share the following  this with us and anyone who has a God-given creative desire: “Don’t be ashamed to share what God has given you, and you can do it—network backing or not.”

You will certainly have support and encouragement to pursue your goals and journey to wellness in spirit, mind and body with the ladies of The Blend. The show airs Wednesdays on their Facebook page. Check out their most recent episode which features special guest Les Brown.

Be sure to catch up with The Blend on Instagram and Twitter and for more info on what’s to come visit


Tatianah is the founder of the blog {Black Love & Inspiration for Saved Singles} where she encourages singles in faith and love. She recently published her first book entitled Journey to 30: A Single Woman's Guide to Living Unapologetically Without Deadlines. Tatianah works, plays and lives unapologetically for Christ in Chicago.

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Kim Kardashian Tells ‘The View’ Kanye is Born Again & Gives Clarity On His Traveling Services



Kim Kardashian recently appeared on “The View” where she was asked about Kanye and his traveling “services”. During their conversation, Kim cleared up the rumors of Kanye starting an official “church” and shed new light on his newfound relationship with God.


When speaking about Kanye’s new found relationship with God, Kim gave everyone a lot more clarity:

Kim: “Kanye started this, I think just to heal himself. It was a really personal thing and it was [originally] just friends and family…and he has had an amazing evolution of being born again and being saved by Christ. People are always asking, ‘Well what are you worshipping and what is this?’… It is a Christian service [but more] like a musical ministry. They talk about Jesus and God and…”

The View: Is there a minister there?

Kim: Sometimes. So, if he goes to a different church as he has, they have shown up and done these surprise little pop up Sunday services at other churches. So, whatever Pastor speaks there…and sometimes like the one in Calabasas, he’ll have friends that are Pastors in town get up and speak. But, for the most part, it’s just a musical ministry. He doesn’t have his 501c3 yet to make it an official church. But, it is for God and it’s a Christian church…I think think that’s why some people were like ‘What is this and what are they doing?’ But, it started off feeling for him and now its become something that he just really wants to share for everybody else.”

In late August, Kim posted video clips of Sunday service on her Insta story and snuck in a photo of a piece of paper next to an open Bible containing West’s new album title Jesus Is King, track listing and a release date set for Sept. 27.

The tracklist for the album reflects his recent traveling experiences and his wife’s recent mention of his new found relationship with God:
“Baptized,” “Sweet Jesus,” “Garden,” “Selah” and “Water” are just some of the tracks coming soon on his new album. West and his Sunday Service choir premiered “Water” during a Sunday Service session at Coachella Easter weekend and recently made stops in Chicago and Atlanta.

Watch Kanye’s Traveling Music Experience In Atlanta:


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Hip Hop

ArtSoul Radio Sits Down With Indie Hip Hop Artist “Brian Keith”



“It’s Brain Keith Baby!” Have you heard this introduction before? If not you’re sure in for a treat. This kind, humble, fun loving, and energetic man of God is someone you will fall in love with after just one time meeting him. In this sit down interview you will have a chance to learn more about Brain Keith and how he has been a huge inspiration to so many people.

ArtSoul Radio : It’s so nice to have you here with us today. We appreciate you taking out this time to do this interview. To get things started off, let’s dig deep into your musical background and how you got introduced to music?

Brain Keith : That is a very good question to ask, my musical background comes from many different things. Growing up I listened to a lot of different genres and popular artists that where around my city of Dallas, Texas. In fourth grade I was introduced to classical music and started playing the cello. Outside of playing the cello, I also remember practicing my rhymes in front of a mirror in my bedroom. There, I envisioned performing in front of an audience, and I honestly believe that is where the seed was planted.

ArtSoul Radio : Wow, that is something you don’t hear everyday! You really don’t hear much about rappers having a touch of classical music in their early development. The next question we have for you comes from your positive content and willingness to put yourself out there. Tell us why it is so important for you to relate to people with your music and not hold back anything?

Brain Keith : It is important to me because I believe sometimes, us being apart of the body of Christ, miss out on being transparent; and letting people know even though we are professing the goodness of God we still have our own issues and shortcomings. God is gracious enough, and merciful enough to look passed our imperfections. We are able to have this because God gave us his son Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins.

ArtSoul Radio : That is a very good word, and something many could potential relate to. Understanding that you are in a position where you are called to minister your many talents and gifts. What is it like managing being a rapper, dj, show promoter, youth pastor, and family man? Do you have moments where you want to go insane?

Brain Keith : Man look, it’s by the grace of God because I find myself sometimes being overly busy that I can’t have an intimate relationship with our God. I am constantly in prayer asking him to help me seek out better time management skills so I have a relationship that is strong. I don’t want to meet him at the gate one day and he tells me to turn away you worker of iniquity I never knew you.

ArtSoul Radio: Agreed, that would be a terrible situation for anyone to be in. We must continue to be disciplined in finding that quality time with God.

Recently you have put out an awesome music video for your latest single titled Masterpiece. Tell us the story behind this powerful song, and how you came up with this concept?

Brain Keith : The background on the song Masterpiece, stems back to what I spoke about previously. Having an importance on being transparent and pushing to see that we all are a mess and we make mistakes. Doesn’t matter if we are T.D. Jakes or one of the lowest scums of the earth. God sees us as royalty and something that is so precious to him. A revelation I had one day after painting really put things into perspective for me. We come into this world as a blank canvas and when paint splatters on us that represents our imperfections. Now after going through my whole creative process and completing my art, I realized even though we might go through tough times and have flaws; God ultimately will be the one to show us that we are works of art, true masterpieces.

ArtSoul Radio : Thank you for breaking down your song, it makes so much more sense now knowing the background story. Your song provides hope and a sense of pride in loving who exactly God, has called us all to be.

Brain Keith : Thank you so much for that, that means a lot. I strive to give my audience only music that is from my heart. I can’t make music just to sell records.

ArtSoul Radio : No problem at all, this actually transitions very well into our last question for you. We wanted to know if someone was to listen to your music for the first time no matter the location; what would you hope they get out of it?

Brain Keith : I would hope that they got a sense of self worth, love, and knowing that they are not alone because God loves them. I talk more about these topics in my upcoming album I am working on currently.

ArtSoul Radio : Amen to that, once again we appreciate you taking the time to sit with us for an interview. We can’t wait to hear your new album.

Highlighted Lyrics: “I know I may look a mess right now, but every work of art starts out like that. Then it turns into a masterpiece.”

Stay Connected to Brain Keith here:

FacebookInstagram | Linktree | YouTube


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Featured Videos

Christon Gray gets personal in Live Q&A with fans + new music



Christon Gray, Clear the Heir, Christon Gray Together Forever

Artist Christon Gray recently released new a new single, “Together Forever.” He followed up the release with a live Instagram broadcast to have a transparent Q&A session with fans about his musical journey and personal life.

“It’s been good to be back and release music,” Christon recalls on the process of working with Kirk Franklin and putting out the music with Fo Yo Soul Recordings, which he went back to in November 2017.

Fans of the singer/rapper for some time have known that Gray was previously married and is a father, so when the song and cover art premiered, naturally there were questions and comments. Gray’s latest single cover art features a photo of his fiancé, Shana Peterson.

“The song was written late 2016, right before I left RCA. I put lyrics to a track that I had for a while…It was a perfect way to introduce myself again to new people and bring fans up to date.”

He held nothing back in his live video session with fans. He encouraged fans to ask questions with “No softball questions allowed.” He dedicated over an hour to fans to take their questions and gave his responses on several topics including:

On transparency in his music:

“I put everything I had into it for a while, it was my means of expressing myself to myself…I’m not leery of being transparent, but probably more so now leery of being ambiguous. This song and upcoming album is proof of that—it’s very literal or beating around the bush. I hope that this point in my life there’s less to hide; I’m taking the mask off and showing people more of who I am. I feel like believers and non believers of Jesus need to see that more from us.”

On what we can expect from his new album:

Clear the Heir is about me dismissing any notion of going backwards in life. Further more it’s me clearing the air and it’s also me accepting my position as being the leader of where Jesus music is supposed to be at. It talks a lot about relationships, things I’ve learned, ups and downs, but in a very concise, overarching, rich fashion. It puts you right in the center of a lot of emotions and points you right back to Jesus.” Gray also shared that there will be some rap, with more of what we’ve come to know Christon as for his singing styles. Fans can anticipate some new sounds on the album for a unique blend of Gospel and Hip Hop.

On how to avoid the fall in a relationship and walk with God:

“Listen to the Holy Spirit. The Bible is not just a rule book, we’re trying to catch up to it, not it catching up to us. If we trust God, He will give us the desire of our hearts and we won’t be able to fall; that’s in relationships, career, faith.”

On advice for someone who is recently divorced:

“I would say don’t feel pressured to have answers. It’s going to take time to understand the trauma you’ve experienced—because divorce is still traumatic. It takes a lot of time for that trauma to settle. I still feel that shock from time to time…Use this time to get to know God better. If you’ve never experienced a true, rich relationship with Jesus, this is the time…He has felt the anguish that you feel, and He will provide relief if you let Him, otherwise you will find yourself coping in ways that are not authentic to yourself and damaging to yourself and other people.”

“I’m not perfect; I’m striving for perfection and I hope this growth is encouraging people in their lives to do the same.”

There was so much more that he discussed with fans, and we appreciate his candidness. To listen to the full Christon Gray Q&A session, click here.

Christon Gray’s upcoming album, Clear the Heir debuts October 19.

Listen to “Together Forever” Here

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