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Barack and Michelle Obama Are Releasing 7 New Films On Netflix! See Full List Here:



Barak and Michelle Obama have officially started their own production company called Higher Ground Productions. After signing a deal with Netflix last year, they are now ready to make their presence known on the streaming service. Priya Swaminathan and Tonia Davis (both who are veterans in the industry) have been appointed as co-heads of the Obamas’ production venture.

“We created Higher Ground to harness the power of storytelling. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited about these projects,” former President Obama said in a statement. “Touching on issues of race and class, democracy and civil right, and much more, we believe each of these productions won’t just entertain, but will educate, connect and inspire us all.”

On Tuesday, they revealed 7 new projects that we can expect to see. There’s something inspirational and educational for everyone.

View Their Full List of Film Projects Below:

1)  American Factory

Why can’t American and Chinese industries get along? The Sundance Film Festival award-winning film has answers and solutions as they follow a Chinese billionaire who operates a new factory in post-industrial Ohio made up of two thousand blue-collar Americans. The promise of new jobs gives workers a sense of hope, until a culture clash between American and Chinese workers causes tension.


2)  Bloom 

Written and produced by Callie Khouri, creator of the hit TV series Nashville and classic film Thelma and LouiseBloom is fashion series set in NYC that highlights the plight and triumphs of women and people of color living in a post-WWII world.

3)  Fredrick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom

One of their first productions is a feature film on Fredrick Douglass, adapted from David W. Blight’s Pulitzer Prize-winning biography.






4)  Fith Risk

Based on Michael Lewis’ book The Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy, this series will highlight the heroes working behind the scenes in government who keep our nation safe.




5)  Crip Camp

Crip Camp tells the story of “a summer camp for disabled teenagers that would transform young lives, and America forever by helping to set in motion the disability rights movement.” Jim LeBrecht, a former camper and Nicole Newnham, will direct the film.


6)  Listen to Your Vegetables and Eat Your Parents

Given the success of other hit Netflix kid shows, Ask the Storybots, PJ Masks, and more, Jeremy Konnerand Erika Thormahlen are developing a show that educates parents and kids about “our food” through adventures around the world. The Obama’s stated that this feature will “take young children and their families around the globe on an adventure that tells us the story of our food.”


7)  Overlooked

Overlooked is a scripted anthology series inspired by the The New York Times’ ongoing obituary column. Hear me out: This series will tell the stories of those whose deaths were not covered in the obituary column but deserve to be shared.



The Obama’s are confident that through each film produced by their team, they will find the common thread within every story to inspire us to be something more. “With Higher Ground Productions, we hope to bring people together around common values and uncommon stories,” stated President Obama. “Our goal isn’t just to make people think—we want to make people feel and reach outside of their comfort zone,” Michelle added.




Tamara is the founder of and a contributor for Ebony/Jet Magazine and other publications. She also works in TV/Film production and has a strong passion for the arts, community outreach, teaching and working with the youth. Learn more at and follow her on social media.

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Miss South Africa Wins “Miss Universe Pageant” Held At Tyler Perry Studios



Miss South Africa was crown Miss Universe on Sunday in Atlanta after an elaborate presentation of the Miss Universe Pageant which was held at Tyler Perry Studios for the first time. Zozibini Tunzi, 26, finished first ahead of the Puerto Rican and Mexican finalists in the televised event, hosted by Steve Harvey.

During a new segment of the show, Zozibini gave a closing speech where she spoke of wanting to empower young women to feel confident.

“I grew up in a world where a woman who looks like me — with my kind of skin and my kind of hair — was never considered to be beautiful,” she said in her last response. “I think it is time that that stops today. I want children to look at me and see my face and I want them to see their faces reflected in mine.”

Her speech received strong applause from the audience.


The two runners-up for the crown were Miss Mexico and Miss Puerto Rico. For the first time in history, African/American women are holding the top winning spots in the pageant world.

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Kanye West Opens Up About Serving God & Performs Sunday Services at Lakewood



Kanye appeared at Joel Osteen’s church today where he did a full interview speaking on his recent transition to Christianity, what the process of change has been like for him so far, and about the process of creating his current album. Following the interview Kanye and his team performed their traveling “Sunday Service” pop up experience. Watch the full interview and performance below:

Watch Interview Here:

Prior to the service, you’ll see the Lakewood Praise collective opening up along with their featured guest for this weekend Tauren Wells. Just so you don’t miss any parts of this recap video, we have included the time stamps below for easy and quick viewing:

  • Interview with Kanye starts at 47:18
  • Tauren Wells Solo Guest Performance 32:17
  • Joel Osteen’s Prayer 28:32


Watch The Performance of Kanye’s Sunday Service at Lakewood:


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Kim Kardashian Tells ‘The View’ Kanye is Born Again & Gives Clarity On His Traveling Services



Kim Kardashian recently appeared on “The View” where she was asked about Kanye and his traveling “services”. During their conversation, Kim cleared up the rumors of Kanye starting an official “church” and shed new light on his newfound relationship with God.


When speaking about Kanye’s new found relationship with God, Kim gave everyone a lot more clarity:

Kim: “Kanye started this, I think just to heal himself. It was a really personal thing and it was [originally] just friends and family…and he has had an amazing evolution of being born again and being saved by Christ. People are always asking, ‘Well what are you worshipping and what is this?’… It is a Christian service [but more] like a musical ministry. They talk about Jesus and God and…”

The View: Is there a minister there?

Kim: Sometimes. So, if he goes to a different church as he has, they have shown up and done these surprise little pop up Sunday services at other churches. So, whatever Pastor speaks there…and sometimes like the one in Calabasas, he’ll have friends that are Pastors in town get up and speak. But, for the most part, it’s just a musical ministry. He doesn’t have his 501c3 yet to make it an official church. But, it is for God and it’s a Christian church…I think think that’s why some people were like ‘What is this and what are they doing?’ But, it started off feeling for him and now its become something that he just really wants to share for everybody else.”

In late August, Kim posted video clips of Sunday service on her Insta story and snuck in a photo of a piece of paper next to an open Bible containing West’s new album title Jesus Is King, track listing and a release date set for Sept. 27.

The tracklist for the album reflects his recent traveling experiences and his wife’s recent mention of his new found relationship with God:
“Baptized,” “Sweet Jesus,” “Garden,” “Selah” and “Water” are just some of the tracks coming soon on his new album. West and his Sunday Service choir premiered “Water” during a Sunday Service session at Coachella Easter weekend and recently made stops in Chicago and Atlanta.

Watch Kanye’s Traveling Music Experience In Atlanta:


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